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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
eFax is a company that 11 million people use to send and receive faxes every day. eFax has one of the largest local and toll-free fax number availabilities within the electronic-faxing industry. The company has customers in 49 different countries on six different continents. eFax is actually a company that is a brand within a company called j2 Global. the company was founded as a fax company in 1995. They changed their names several times over the years. In 2012, the company launched its first digital media venture, buying a publisher for $167 million. eFax really got brewing when they bought MetroFax, a Bellevue, Washington Internet Fax company. Another interesting fact about the company is that in 2013, the company announced its 18th consecutive year of fiscal growth, proving that the electronic faxing industry is booming.  

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The Good

  • Easy digital signature
  • Mobile apps
  • Powerful faxing interface
  • Lifetime storage
  • Guaranteed security
  • Large file capacity
eFax is a reputable Internet faxing product. We noticed that their prices were pretty average in the industry, with the Plus and Pro subscriptions being pretty affordable and letting the subscribers send a high number of pages per month before charging an additional per-page price. We also liked several features about the product.
Easy Digital Signature
One of the things that we liked about the digital signature approach was that it was pretty easy to use. On their website, they advertised the digital signature feature as a "drag and drop" approach. With the digital signature feature, you simply find your pre-stored image signature and then drop it onto the document. This makes it easy to send a fax without having to use a paper version.
Mobile Apps
With eFax, it is pretty easy to use their iPhone and Google Android apps to send and receive your fax. On the website, we saw several demonstrations of their mobile app functions. You can send your Internet fax just like you would with your computer. In fact, the mobile app makes it easy to add a digital signature. If you are using a mobile device, you simply need to do your signature on the mobile device screen, crop it to fit your document, and then send your document.
Powerful Faxing Interface
With eFax, we found that the interface was just as intuitive as your email device. You can simply type in the desired fax numbers on the "To" field, specify which of the 5 email addresses that you want the fax to be "From," and then send it just as you would a regular email.
Lifetime Storage
With eFax, you are able to send and archive email faxes. With some subscribers in the industry, such a Ring Office, we found that you could only save materials for up to 90 days. With eFax, you can save your faxes for the lifetime of your subscription. This makes it very easy to send faxes, archive them, and find them later if you want to reuse part of the fax at a later date.
Guaranteed Security
Online faxing with eFax is much more private and safer than your office fax machine. You can view faxes privately with your computer or mobile device, as well as control the five emails that are attached to your eFax account. eFax also has 100% uptime guarantee. Your fax line will always be able to receive faxes. Most importantly, your eFax account automatically will retry when it gets a busy signal from the recipient fax machine.
Large File Capacity
We couldn't get an exact data amount on how big your sent fax can be. We did some digging around on the Internet and found that this cloud-based service lets you send files that are up to 1GB in size. We were pretty sure that with proper compression and optimized image sizes, you can send a pretty large fax to potential clients.

The Bad

  • Lack of cloud integration
  • Low number of monthly pages per subscription
  • More video demonstrations
We did have some concerns with eFax. While the mobile apps are pretty powerful and the platform pretty versatile, we wanted more bang for our buck. Frankly, we wanted to see more features that made this great Internet faxing platform even better.
Lack of Cloud Integration
While eFax is cloud-based, we didn't find any information for support on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, some of the standard document storage platforms out there. Also, we wanted to know more about j2 Global's other services. Can these be integrated with eFax? We wanted to see if we could get a standard pricing option for multiple different products that could be integrated with our eFax subscription.
Low Number of Monthly Pages Per Subscription
While the monthly subscription prices are pretty affordable, we found that larger businesses sending more than their allotted page amounts would be billed $.10 per page after 150 pages or 200 pages per month, depending upon your subscription. If you send large faxes, this can quickly eat up any projected savings. We would like to see a higher page number allotment per month. For example, Ring Central lets you send 500 pages per month before making you pay a per page rate.
More Video Demonstrations
The videos on YouTube are a great feature for understanding the basics of eFax. We felt, however, that more video demonstrations would help us capture a better understanding of the user interface. We imagine, that with time, the video presentations will increase in number and quality.

The Bottom Line

At this time, we do recommend eFax as an Internet faxing platform for businesses. We could see eFax being a huge burden for businesses that send several faxes per month, but they do offer customized options for larger businesses. Another great feature about this company is the lifetime storage. With one of eFax's competitors, we saw that they delete your faxes after 90 days to free up space on the cloud. With eFax, you can count on archiving your documents for later usage.
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We signed up for their service three months ago using the free one month trial. After about two weeks, we realised that the service was not what we needed so send an email requesting the cancelation of our account. At the end of the first month, they charged us for the following month (obviously not cancelling the account before the free trial ended). We then sent another email and a letter. We then got charged again and have now send another letter and email as well as advising our bank we would like to charge back the charges to our credit card as they where un-authorized. Wish us luck!

4 years ago