AirComUSA provides inbound and outbound faxing services for businesses and individuals that want to better manage their faxing needs and lower the cost of doing so. When you sign up with AirComUSA they provide you with a fax number (toll, or toll-free). When someone sends a fax to that fax number their system will take that fax and turn it into an email attachment and send it to your email address(es).  

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The Good

  • Features
  • Multiple email addresses
  • No contract
  • Plans

AirComUSA, conveniently, works through your email when sending and receiving faxes to have the documents readily available for you. To make the process even faster, AirComUSA, never will have a busy signal. You can send and receive at anytime. Your faxes can be sent in a TIF or PDF file format. The TIF format can easily be viewed with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, Windows Photo Gallery, Or Preview. The PDF format can easily be seen with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Basically with any PC's programming you will be able to see the document.

With their fax service you are able to receive faxes in up to 5 different email addresses. This can eliminate the need for a fax machine in a small company and can help you to easily make backup copies of your faxes.

With the full account you can send faxes just like an email with an attachment - so easy. Whenever you send a fax AirComUSA sends you a confirmation of your fax so you know that it went through without any trouble.

There is no annoying contract that you have to sign and abide by for so much time. There is no long term contract to sign and no cost to upgrade or downgrade your account. If you change your mind about the service you are getting it is so easy to get out.

AirComUSA offers three different plans:

  • Basic
    • Price: $8.95+
    • Pay Per Use
    • 10 cents a minute
  •  Plus
    • Price: $14.95
    • One hour of fax time - about 120 pages
  • Pro
    • Price: $19.95
    • Two hours of fax time - about 240 pages.

The Bad

  • Limited functionalities

AirComUSA does not offer many other features that other online fax companies have with the newer technology of today. They do not have the functionality to let you access your sent and received documents on other devices, such as, a smartphone or tablet. Instead of offering a flat number of pages you can send and receive they keep track of your fax time. If you are slower with computers and are not real fast when sending a fax you may get less for your money because it is based on time and not pages.

The Bottom Line

AirComUSA makes sending and receiving a fax just like sending and receiving an email. It is so easy to simply attach some files and send it off. Not having a mobile functionality does make the process less convenient, but the line is never busy so once you are seated in front of a computer the service is ready.

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