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    Avoiding a Romance Scam: What You Need to Know
    Online Dating. Social Media. Gaming Apps. Email. Millions of Americans use these media platforms daily to connect with friends, pass the time, and to find love. However, plenty of users have intentions that are less than pure...
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    Top 10 Things You Should Not Have in Your Online Dating Profile
    Guest Post by Scott Lindsay Finding love is not easy in today's fast-paced world. Many people turn to online dating to make meeting someone special more convenient. Your profile is your first impression, so you have to make i...
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    7 Tips to Avoid Getting Catfished
    Guest Post by Alex Haslam Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? Maybe, but don't ask a catfishing victim. Catfishing (and other social engineering techniques) Criminals are increasingly turning ...
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    A Look at Some of the Strangest Online Dating Stories
    2015 was a good year for online dating. According to the Pew Research Center, online dating lost much of its stigma in 2015, as nearly 60% of Americans agree that using sites like Zoosk,, and Tinder is a great way ...
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    Things Women Can't Stand to See in Men's Dating Profiles
    OK, men, listen up. Simply put, we're not women. We tend not to think like women and, therefore, sometimes we need to tweak the way we interact with them. That's the message Michelle Martin, a dating blogger, wants us to rem...
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    How to Avoid Scammers on Online Dating Sites
    It happens more often than you'd expect. Genuine, respectable people meet someone, who they think is also genuine and respectable, online. They begin a relationship. They are kind and thoughtful towards each other, just...
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