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How Many Should I Meet Before I Get Serious with One?


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There are some burning questions involved in dating, especially online dating. Modernity gives us so much convenience. It turns us into perfectionists, because what can't we have? It's all at our fingertips. Yet, we still find ourselves wanting. We ask questions like "How many supermodels do I have to contact before I get a date with one?" and "How long before this one notices my message?" One question to which an answer would be helpful is "should I meet someone else before my relationship with person X reaches the point of no return?" By "the point of no return," I mean the time beyond which your counterpart will be hurt if you break it off.

Cognitive scientists Peter Todd, of Indiana University in Bloomington, and Geoffrey Miller, of the University of New Mexico, used complex mathy stuff, and computers, to figure it out. They based their findings on statistical principles regarding sample size. I won't explain that in detail, but you can read more about it here. What it comes down to is that you should go on 10 dates before you decide to get more serious with anyone. That's not so bad. Just meet 10 people before a relationship with anyone gets too serious. Give yourself those 10 dates.

There is a catch, however. Don't date just anyone. Don't spend much time trying to attract someone who is "out of your league" or, on the other hand, anyone who isn't good enough for you. That sounds crude, but let's face it. Sometimes people aren't worthy of any relationship at certain points in their lives. They need therapists, not significant others. Pray for them, don't take them out...yet. Also, ladies, David Beckham just isn't likely to go on a date with you. And guys, stop dreaming of Kate Upton. The odds are against you. That's life.

In the end, there are burning questions that need to be extinguished with more urgency than this one. For instance, "How do we cure cancer?" and "When are we going to run out of oil?" So try not to worry. Relax and enjoy the show! Now you have an excuse when that person keeps asking why you won't go out this Saturday. Tell clingy it's because science says so.

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