6 Bizarre Places Someone Came Across Cash


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Written by Your Friends | Last Updated June 26th, 2019
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In cartoons the pirates always put their treasure in a chest and then bury it on a tropical beach. In your favorite TV drama corrupt government officials or criminals hide large amounts of cash in their freezer. You probably keep your money in a bank but where have others tried to stash their cash. Here is a list of interesting places people tried to hide money.


1.  $12,000 in a Tree

Three bank robbers in Missouri were successful in stealing $12,000 but not so successful in hiding it. Multiple reports and a little bit of luck led the police to a tree in southern Iowa which was even described by the sheriff as being in the "middle of nowhere." The robbers were captured after they hid their vehicle and fled on foot back into Missouri.


2.  $20,000 in a Book

One man found $20,000 in a book while he was at a book-swap in Wellesley Massachusetts. There was no name on the book, which makes tracking the owner down almost impossible.


3. $221,510 in a Laptop Case

In October 2012 a cab driver in Las Vegas discovered $221,510 hidden inside a black laptop case. The money belonged to someone who has won the money at a casino. When the driver returned the money he was rewarded with a $2,000 tip.


4.  $150,00 in a Duffle Bag

An unemployed man in northern Illinois found $150,000 in his backyard. While he was in his backyard looking for broccoli in his garden he found a bag that was stuffed with stacks of $20 bills. The man turned over all the money to local police.


5.  $15,000 in a Ceiling

Construction workers found $15,000 while renovating a kitchen in Queensbury New York. When construction started the workers found a brown paper bag filled with $100 bills in the ceiling. The worker who discovered the bag tossed it to another worker and unknowingly joked, "here's a bag of money." Imagine their surprise when they opened the bag and found out that the bag was indeed a bag of money.


6.  $200,000+ in a Desk

Be careful when you get rid of what you think may be useless coins. One man discovered that a penny he inherited from his Dad is worth over $200,000. The penny sat in his desk for years until he sold it to a coin shop owner. The owner did a little research and discovered that the penny was a rare aluminum penny that was made in a Denver mint.

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