Posted: Elliot James | January 16, 2015


Yelp API is Skyrocketing: Over 100,000 Users and Counting

news-general-company-on-the-rise-1On Thursday, Yelp released in a company blog post that they have official reached over 100,000 users who link into their in-house API. With Yelp API, partners are able to use Yelp's interface and merge it into their apps and websites without going through the trouble of creating their own.

Yelp, with thousands upon thousands of links to businesses, restaurants and local interests, has allowed other companies to benefit from their elaborate collection of business information and customer reviews. Already, companies like Apple and Yahoo, along with other smaller startups like AddressReport, are able to link their users with Yelps regional information and reviews without the user ever having to leave the app or website. In other words, NYC-based startup, AddressReport, can link their consumers to businesses and restaurants in their area through Yelp API, but right on their site.

Further, Siri on iOS devices is able to connect you to a list of local pizza parlors in your immediate area, without leaving the iOS mapping interface; all through Yelp API.

With growth in sight and more API users in mind, Yelp has announced that they will be launching "off the shelf' tools to make Yelp data accessible to more developers. The company writes, "Our goal is to make sure that every developer can get what they need in terms of local search and data to build, launch, and improve their apps."

And this proves true, with the company blog stating that AddressReport was able to grow their user footprint by 4 times after incorporating Yelp API into their website platform. The process only took a little less than two weeks to complete.

With more and more developers signing on with the company's API, Yelp is positioning itself to become the norm where interfaces like theirs is needed. With more than 100,000 current partners, Yelp has shown that their API is all-encompassing, meets the needs of the websites and apps that integrate them and just plain easy to use (keeping in mind the less than two-weeks it took AddressReport to incorporate the interface into their website).

Yelp will continue to grow their API partners and features throughout the 2015 year, making announcements along the way.


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Written by Elliot James

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