Posted: Kate Ward | October 23, 2014


Why Our Customers Come First


Here at we believe in helping the customers, and that means you. You come first. It's that simple. We are dedicated to creating reviews to help you find the best options for your lifestyles, houses, businesses and families. We think like customers and look at companies how a customer would.

Our goal is to create reviews that go beyond just the surface. We look past their flashy ads and delve into who they really are and what they are trying to sell. We're honest and we are on the customer's team to find the best product for their needs.

Companies are rated with our own expert criteria to create honest evaluations of companies and uncover any skeletons in their closets. We find the most important factors for each industry and hold companies to those standards. Our team updates our criteria points and expert scores as the industry changes or we find other important issues. We are committed to staying relevant and providing customers with the current information to help customers make informed decisions.

Don't trust our expert scores? For each industry, we provide a "How We Rank" page with all our criteria laid out. There are no secrets and we want to keep it that way. If customers have any suggestions or concerns, we want them to feel comfortable voicing their opinions. It's an open line of communication between us and our customers.

However, expert scores are only part of the equation. It takes real customer reviews to make philosophy work. We consider customers part of our team and want to hear their voices too. Have a good experience with a company? Leave a review. Or have a company that didn't measure up to your standards? Leave a review. Is there a company that doesn't have a profile? Let us know and we will create a profile.

Customer reviews help us rate companies even better. That's the beauty of our website and what we do. The customer voice makes what we do even more credible. believes in creating a place for customers to find the best products to suit for your needs. We create honest, unbiased reviews to help customers make informed decisions.


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Written by Kate Ward

Kate has a degree in communications and enjoys being outdoors.

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