Posted: Jordan Grimmer | September 21, 2015


Why Do You Use Review Sites?

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According to, approximately 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and to the majority of those consumers, an online review site carries the same influence as a personal recommendation. With these statistics in mind, we here at Best Companys wanted to better understand how we could make your online experience with us even better by asking a simple question:

Why do you use review sites like ours; more specifically, what information are you hoping to glean from our online review site, and what do you hope to do with that information?

To help us better understand what consumers are looking for, we analyzed review site preferences among over 1,500 participants, asking them to choose from any, all, or none of the following options that best reflect why they use review sites:

  • To help me spend my money better
  • To see a business's reputation
  • To read up on industry news
  • To do research for someone else
  • To leave my own review of a business

We analyzed the results of this survey in two ways:

  1. As respondents could select as many answers as they felt applied to them, we looked for the most popular combination of answers among all respondents.
  2. We also examined the most popular answers among respondents who only selected one answer.


Conclusion 1: Give Me a Review Site with Everything

Of the 1,548 respondents to our survey, nearly half of them identified each of the five usage options as a reason they access online review sites. In other words, people tend to access online review sites to do more than just read up on a business's reputation or to leave their own review. As internet searches become faster and more efficient, consumers tend to prefer a single website that provides comprehensive solutions to their questions as opposed to multiple sites that address different questions.

This is what is all about. Not only do we provide objective and up-to-date reviews on the top companies in a given industry, but we also provide periodic news updates and blog posts (like this one) to provide context to those reviews. Furthermore, we allow the users themselves to post their own reviews as a way to pass on the value of their experience to other visitors to our site. We work hard to make our site simple and easily navigable, so that even if you're not doing research for yourself, you can feel comfortable making company recommendations to someone else.

Conclusion 2: Review Sites Should Encourage Smarter Spending

All these tools, plus our expert-driven recommendations, ultimately contribute to our end goal: to empower consumers to make better decisions. And many of our survey respondents agree; of the five possible usage options on our survey, "to help me spend my money better" received the most votes among single-answer users. At the end of the day, we here at Best Companys care about how you're spending your money. That's why we don't charge consumers to use our site, and why we don't allow companies to pay for top recommended spots. We want to make sure that our visitors' hard-earned dollars are being well-spent.



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Written by Jordan Grimmer

Jordan Grimmer is the head content manager, editor, and writer at He oversees all on-site content production, the Medium page, as well as his own personal blog. You can follow Jordan on Twitter.

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