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What Do We Do? An Inside Perspective of

tbc what do we do believes in putting the power back into the customers' hands. Our unbiased reviews provide updated and accurate information to help customers make real and informed decisions.

Our dedicated review team, along with industry experts, gets into the nitty-gritty details about the companies they review. That includes going straight to the source and talking to companies instead of just reviewing their website. Every industry and company is thoroughly reviewed and re-reviewed to make sure the information is informative and helpful to consumers. team also creates unique ranking criteria for each industry. Each criteria is created through extensive research and allows the team to rank companies without any bias. Each criteria is displayed so there are no secrets between us and the consumer. We believe in transparency and how transparent would we look if we hide how we rank our companies? In fact, the team encourages suggestions to the criteria. Our team is always looking for new angles and ideas to help improve the current criteria.

We also aren't one of those review sites that only update our companies reviews once a year. Industries are always changing and we stay up to date with what is current. Our team is always adding companies and updating our criteria to ensure you have the best and newest information at your fingertips. Our team also updates content and blog material to bring you the latest in industry news.

Within each industry, we recommended top three companies. These companies are ranked on our unbiased ranking criteria. Many other reviews sites will put a company at number based on the amount the company is willing to pay them. Not at TBC. We recommend companies based on our ranking criteria, your reviews and nothing else. We are confident in every single one of our top recommended companies.

At, we also rely on real user reviews to help rank our companies. In fact, 15% of a company's overall score is based on user reviews. So if you have had a good or bad experience with a company, leave a review. We are counting on you to help us find the best companies out there. is working hard to make sure you have the necessary information at your fingertips to make informed decisions.


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