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The Top 10 Places to Find Reviews of a Company

Deciding on the companies that you want to use can be a difficult decision without information. Whether you are looking for a good place to dine, a garage to repair your car at, or the best banking institution, it is important to learn about the company. One of the best ways to learn more about businesses is to search on the internet for reviews. Honest reviews from real customers can often tell you a great deal of good information from people who have actually done business with the company. But when searching online for reviews of companies, what are the best sites? Try using one these top 10 sites to find reviews of the companies you are interested in.

Google+ Local

A searchable directory of local companies. Customers are able to leave reviews and a 0-3 rating of the companies they have tried. The scores are averaged out to a rating of 0-30. Searching for businesses in your area can bring you the results of the best businesses, reviews, discounts, and honest feedback.

Angie's List

Over 720 different services reviewed by real people. Honest consumer reviews of businesses in your area. The site uses a grading system similar to schools, A - F. There may be a small sign-up fee to ensure quality content and to protect the site from spamming, and to pay for the site. However, the annual fee is based on where you live, and can be free in certain circumstances.


Thousands of categories, a 5 star rating system, with reviews on businesses from your area makes this a great site to research businesses. You have the option to search surrounding areas as well as local. The site includes contact information for the business, maps, as well as the consumer reviews.

Yahoo! Local Listings

Yahoo was one of the very first search engines available to the public. Their local listings are by city and offer consumer reviews along with a 1-5 star rating system. They include company information and location maps.


A combination of consumer reviews, this site also has an advice section that allows consumers to ask local experts questions. It also has a section where you can find deals and coupons from local merchants. Customers can rate companies on a 5 star rating system, as well as leave a written review. Merchants can earn badges to show they are a top merchant.

Insider Pages

Consumer reviews for businesses in your area. Based on a 5 star rating system, you can learn about health and medical services, home and garden, auto repairs and pet services near you.

Consumer Search

This site approaches things from a different angle. Rather than asking consumer to write reviews, the site collects consumer reviews from all over the internet, evaluates them for credibility. They post what they feel are the best reviews from informed consumers.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has been around since 1936. From the dangers of cigarettes, to helping improve child safety seats. They are the watchdogs of consumerism. They accept no funding, advertising, or support from companies to ensure they are completely unbiased.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a non-profit site that offers business descriptions, customer complaints and reviews. They also provide a rating based on the criteria of how a business should treat the customers. They do not endorse a specific business; however they do offer BBB accreditation that shows they have met all of the criteria. They use an A - F grading system to rank businesses.


with a consumer driven database of products, you can read reviews from ranked reviewers who write thorough, in-depth reviews on everything from products to movies and books. The 5 star system is used along with recommendations.

Doing your research before making decisions about a company has never been easier with the large variety of review sites, information, and options offered online. The savvy shopper will use more than one site in their research. But whether you Google it, Yelp it, or Yahoo it, the smart thing to do is to research it before making a decision.


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