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The Top 10 Consumer Review Sites

There are so many companies offering services and products online from around the world that it's difficult to keep track of most of them. This can sometimes make it difficult to trust any of them due to the fact that you have to be careful about potential fraud. Many scam artists take advantage of the many consumers who are searching for deals on products and services online by setting up a bogus company that does nothing but steal your money and harm your credit.

This doesn't mean that you should just avoid shopping online all together. The best way to avoid fraud is by doing research on the company whose product or service you are interested in. There are a number of different websites that focus on compiling consumer reviews for many of these companies. This is the best way to determine whether a company is legitimate or not, since if it's not legitimate, individuals who have been taken advantage of will let the public know on one of these sites. The following are ten of the top consumer review sites that you can use to research companies or products online.

1. Complaints Board

This consumer review site focuses solely on companies that allegedly take part in unethical and possibly illegal business practices. Consumers who have had bad experiences with certain companies will submit their complaints to this site. This means that if you find the company you are looking into on the Complaints Board, you'd be wise to consider avoiding doing business with them.


Here you'll be able to read consumer experiences with certain products, services or companies, as well as read and post your own complaints and receive and offer help with dealing with fraud or unethical companies.

3. Epinions

If you're looking for honest opinions about certain products, then check the many consumer reviews on this site.

4. IM Report Card

This site contains a wealth of information submitted by consumers regarding Internet marketing products, people and services. You'll be able to look up reviews on products as well as view any potential scams here. IM Report Card is also updated on a daily basis.

5. Consumer Search

This site is a good way to search for legitimate products instead of review potential scam companies. The site analyzes hundreds of product reviews and then recommends products based on the information that shoppers need.

6. The Consumerist

In addition to finding out whether a company is legitimate or not, The Consumerist also highlights some of the latest scams to keep your eye out on in addition to providing sources for legitimate deals and freebies.

7. Consumer Reports

This site is a great way to judge the quality of a product you are interested in. The site is one of the oldest consumer review sites around and contains expert reviews on electronics, cars, appliances and more.

8. Consumer Affairs

Not only does this site include consumer complaints about certain companies, products and services, it also provides users with consumer comments, compliments and news, as well as important recall information.

9. Ripoff Report

This is an excellent source for consumers created by consumers. If you were the victim of a scam or fraud, you can submit your experience here. In addition to reading about other frauds, you can also read and write reviews on companies, individuals, services or products.

10. iRipoff

This is another excellent site for reporting and reading about fraud. Additionally, you'll be able to gain and give support from and to the community in order to help solve problems dealing with fraud.

These are ten of the best consumer review sites that you can find across the web. While many of them deal solely with reporting and dealing with potential fraud or unethical companies, many of them also provide valuable information about high quality products, services and companies as well. Before purchasing anything online, you should always be sure to check the reputation of the company as well as the product or service on one of these consumer review sites.


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