Posted: Elliot James | January 23, 2015


Sprint Sounds the Whistle in Support Net Neutrality

shopping-news-alerts-2 In recent talk, Net neutrality has been quite the highlight in politics, in American business and commerce and for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). With many top Internet service providers (ISPs) like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast not agreeing with possible future regulations for broadband Internet, what do mobile service providers say? Well, for one, Sprint is on board with Net neutrality. Earlier last week, Sprint CTO, Stephen Bye wrote, "Sprint does not believe that a light touch application of Title II, including appropriate forbearance, would harm the continued investment in, and deployment of, mobile broadband services." The FCC and their aim to incorporate some of Title II from the Communications Act in new Net neutrality regulations has been quite the controversy. With Title II, broadband Internet providers would be treated more like common carriers. Which in turn, would treat broadband Internet more like a utility altogether. This is not what top ISPs are wanting. Further, through Net neutrality regulations and aspects of Title II, gone would be Internet fast lanes imposed on content providers like Google and the harsh realities of ISP monopolization. Sprint's outspoken opinion comes at somewhat of a surprise, but not so much. Shocking is that Sprint is not following suit of similar mobile broadband providers like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. (Granted AT&T and Verizon do hold interest from the landline services they provide.) Not shocking is that Sprint is to some extent the underdog when compared to other mobile service providers. What is more is that Sprint only offers mobile broadband connections; they may have a little less at stake. While mobile providers are already held accountable to Title II, the mobile Internet connections they provide are not. So, they would be affected. For Sprint, they may feel that the adverse effects that other ISPs are seeing won't greatly affect the services they provide nor their economic interests. If mobile Internet data is to be largely effected by Title II, then this could level ground giving Sprint the competitiveness it needs against mobile heavyweights, AT&T and Verizon.


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Written by Elliot James

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