Posted: Kate Ward | January 21, 2015


New Partnership Announced Between Tax Titans

Tax Press Release

In a press release yesterday, a partnership was announced between Jackson Hewitt Tax Services and Tax Defense Network. With tax season just around the corner, these two companies are teaming up to help people tackle their taxes.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, a tax preparation company with thousands of  locations across the country, caters their services to help Americans prepare their taxes.  Their easy-to-navigate online marketplace allows customers to feel confident in filing their taxes knowing they have the guidance of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service professionals.

On the other hand, Tax Defense Network specifically specializes in tax debt resolutions. Their services include payment plans, negotiations with the IRS and creating obtainable solutions for those drowning in tax debt. Together, these companies can create solutions to those who need tax relief and their recent collaboration is evidence of them taking the first step.

Jackson Hewitt's partnership allows customers to set-up an appointment with Tax Defense Network by simply going online to Users who sign up are offered a confidential and free consultation with the experts at Tax Defense Network. This consultation creates a stepping stone towards tax debt relief.

"Sometimes bad things happen to good people. From unexpected illness or a job status change from employed to self-employed, hardworking Americans get overwhelmed and intimidated by the tax filing process leaving them with tax debt," said David Prokupek, CEO of Jackson Hewitt. "As a trusted leader in taxes, our promise to work hard for the hardest working includes helping those with tax debt regain control. The Tax Defense Network shares our values, with a trustworthy reputation and an outstanding record of client satisfaction."

With many Americans drowning in tax debt, this partnership comes at the right time to help fight this problem. Tax Defense Network's tax debt expertise combined with Jackson Hewitt's "do-it-yourself" tax mantra helps users kick-start the tax season. This partnership provides an outlet for users to feel comfortable and confident about fixing their tax problems.

"When taxpayers find themselves staring at a large tax bill, which could lead to wage garnishment, or seizure of assets, they can feel a range of emotions, with confusion and disbelief quickly turning into panic and uncertainty," said Joe Valinho, President of Tax Defense Network. "We're here to help ease our clients' minds, by explaining the situation and available options, and approaching each case with the IRS as if it's our own to get the best resolution possible."

Here at (BDC), we trust Tax Defense Network. They are the number choice for tax relief with a score of a 9.6. We believe in their services and their ability to help customers get back on track. This partnership with Jackson Hewitt Tax Services will help Americans gain control of their taxes.


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