Posted: Elliot James | January 31, 2015


Internet Advocacy Group turns up the Heat on Net Neutrality

movers-and-shakers-news-2Internet advocacy group, Fight for the Future, has been counting the days (literally) until next month's Federal Communications Commission vote on Net neutrality.

In protest, Fight for the Future has posted an "Internet Countdown" online. The countdown is exactly counting down the days, hours, minutes and even the seconds until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) votes on the matter February 26.

Defending Net neutrality, the group states on the webpage,

"Last year, more than 40,000 websites participated in the Internet Slowdown to demand real net neutrality. It worked! But monopolistic Cable companies are pouring millions into a last ditch effort to derail the FCC's historic vote. Help us flood Washington, DC with calls and emails to show lawmakers that the whole Internet is watching, we're literally counting down the seconds until we get real net neutrality."

Currently, Fight for the Future is looking for content providers and other websites to host its countdown in solidarity until the Net neutrality vote takes place. Last year, the group was able to successful rally content providers, like Foursquare, Mozilla and Reddit to participate in the "Internet Slowdown" that they promoted. Websites were asked to throttle their own traffic flow or post a "spinning wheel of death" to signify their camaraderie with the movement.

At the moment, the countdown has not been as widely recognized and stakeholders as largely known as last year have not yet jumped onboard.

Internet users are able to participate as well. Through Twitter, users can opt to have daily tweets be casted to raise awareness on the Net neutrality vote. Or, if that seems a bit much, users can also opt to post one tweet just before the vote. For all those who do not have a Twitter account, or would like an alternative way to participate, Internet users can sign up with email and they will be contacted with a list of other ways to get involved.


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Written by Elliot James

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