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Inc. 5000 Announces Fastest Growing Companies

The Inc. 500 | 5000 is a yearly list of the most rapidly growing private companies in America. Beginning in 1982, the Inc. 500 | 5000 has covered the most successful private companies, spanning hundreds of industries throughout the nation, and has since become a much sought-after benchmark among entrepreneurial companies.  As it happens, this year's issue of Inc. 500 | 5000 features several companies that are also reviewed here at

#3: Optima Tax Relief


For many Americans, debt (particularly tax debt) is one of the most difficult financial burdens to overcome. People with dealing with tax debt are subject to additional taxes and penalties, audits, and will even have their tax return withheld by the IRS.

Enter Optima Tax Relief, a company that provides a wide variety of relief solutions for individuals with $10,000 or more in tax debt. This company's comprehensive approach to tax relief at its ability to respond to an ever increasing demand are just a couple reasons why it comes in at number 3 on Inc. 5000's list.

The Stats

Optima Tax Relief has experienced an astounding 26,007% 3-year growth increase. And considering that this company is only four years old, this growth increase is beyond unprecedented. In 2014, Optima Tax Relief generated $33.6 million in revenue and added almost 300 jobs.

inc5000_optimataxrelief(Click the image for full view)

In addition to its spot on the top 500 fastest growing companies, Optima Tax Relief ranked 1st for Top Financial Service companies, 2nd for companies based in the Los Angeles Metro area, and 3rd as a Top California company. The company is also one of our top recommended tax debt relief companies. You can see our review for Optima Tax Relief by clicking HERE.

#36: Kabbage

Finance Concept

It's one thing to grow a successful company from the ground. But what about the businesses that help other aspiring companies do the same?

That's where companies like Kabbage come in. Since 2009, Kabbage has been changing the way small businesses receive business loans. With a wide variety of automated tools, it can determine whether a company is eligible for a loan in minutes. For its innovative approach and ability to scale quickly, Kabbage ranked 36th on Inc. 5000's list.

The Stats

In three years, Kabbage has experience 6,722% growth, and added over 150 jobs to its original 40-person workforce. In 2014, the company earned $40.2 million in revenue.

inc5000_kabbage(Click the image for full view)

Kabbage also ranked top five for Financial Services companies, Atlanta Metro companies, and Georgia-based companies. The business loans company is also one of the top companies featured on this site (you can see our review on Kabbage by clicking HERE). With the direction it's headed, Kabbage will continue to empower small businesses around the world.

#53: FitBit


In the immortal words of Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, "life's a race - I'm gonna win."

More appropriate words could not be said of FitBit, the San Francisco tech company that has changed the way we approach and maintain our personal fitness levels. FitBit has lately been running a race of its own. Only instead of calories or flights of stairs, FitBit is going for growth, coming in at number 53 in Inc. 5000's fastest growing companies in the nation.

The Stats

While many fitness companies have experienced rapid short-term growth common to most fitness fads, FitBit has been able to steadily sustain and improve their growth margin from year to year. Over the past three years, FitBit experienced 5,057-percent growth, nearly doubling its workforce in the process. And in 2014 alone, FitBit raked in an impressive $745.4 million in revenue.

inc5000_fitbit(Click the image for full view)

Inc. 5000 also ranked FitBit in the top 5 for health companies, the top 10 for San Francisco Metro-based companies, and the top 20 California-based companies.

It looks as though FitBit is headed in a good direction, business-wise. The company has successfully tapped into the fitness market in a way and on a level that few have been able to maintain. It should come as no surprise then, that FitBit is also our top-rated fitness tracking company. You can see our review for FitBit by clicking HERE.


2015 has been an exciting year for small businesses, but it has been even more exciting for the customers who support them. As companies strive to grow and innovate, it's the customers who will reap the benefits. And, as always, we at The Best Companys will work hard to connect you with the very best the business world has to offer.


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