Posted: Amber Singh | June 2, 2015


Heartland Payment System Computers Stolen Causing Major Breach

Due to a recent break-in at a former Ovation Payroll office which is in the process of being integrated into the Heartland company, sensitive personal information has been stolen causing a major data breach.

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According to the company, 11 computers were stolen, and at least 4 of those computers have personal information such as banking information and Social Security numbers which had not been encrypted yet. This leaves the information open and easily accessible for the people who stole from the company. So far they estimate the number of people to be affected to be at least 2,200.

The company has informed the Attorney General and investigative groups to try and find out who stole the computers and whether or not they are using sensitive information for fraud. As is known now, the company has reported that the theft occurred on May 8 in Santa Ana, California and they believe the thieves will not access the information.

Due to the breach this company faced back in 2008, they have made major strides in increasing and bettering their security features. However, since the company was in the  middle of taking over this new office and they were changing old procedures to make information more secure, the information was still vulnerable since it had not been encrypted yet.

For those who are affected by the breach, the company is offering 1 year of credit monitoring as a precaution.


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