Posted: Elliot James | January 12, 2015


Google Comments! Finally

news-general-company-on-the-rise-2Last week, along with all the New Year's celebration, Google made an unexpected public comment on their stance regarding Net neutrality. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google's director of communications law Austin Schlick explained the possible positive outcomes of Net neutrality under Title II of the Communications Act to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All of this hubbub has been keeping top Internet service providers, AT&T and Comcast, on their toes.

Schlick explained how the equal playing ground would promote competition among broadband Internet providers and continued investment in the service. The FCC has been open to public comment for the past weeks as they get ready to vote on the matter next month. Google has been able to use this opportunity to express their claims on the importance of opening utility pole access to their company. While they continue to expand the Google Fiber network, Google looks to reach more homes at an affordable cost. If Google is given access to these said utility poles, this will reduce company cost of connecting homes to the broadband network by about 90 percent. This potential boost for Google Fiber service would allow the company to possibly become the next biggest broadband Internet provider.

Google's public comments have stirred up quite the commotion among broadband Internet providers. Up until this point, many (including those in D.C.) have been eagerly waiting to see if the Internet giant would comment on the ongoing discussion of Net neutrality. And, to much dismay, this has not been the response top Internet service providers have been wanting to hear. With Google's popularity, expanding Google Fiber through shared utility pole access could cause a mass-consumer jump to the rapidly growing broadband service. This is not the greatest news for current broadband colossi AT&T and Comcast.


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Written by Elliot James

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