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Expert Criteria Adjustments and Updates - May, 2014

Our top priority at is to provide consumers with the most relevant, important information available about the debt relief industry and the companies that they may choose to do business with. As part of our commitment to assisting consumers, we need to continually update criteria and the way that we rank businesses. An obvious outcome of this process is the order of the rankings on the site will change occasionally.

BDC is a lively, growing, changing organization. With each new day we are able to better understand the companies we are reviewing and the consumers (Folks just like you!) that are potentially doing business with them. A better understanding of consumer mindset, the service providers in the industry and the industry in general, allows us to more effectively judge a company's ability to serve customers.

Some of the recent adjustments to our process can be found in the "How We Rank" sections located below each service review tab (ie consolidation, settlement, tax relief). The main changes involve more clarity about our Expert Review process. Some of these expert ranking factors include:

• Financial standing of the organization
• The number of industry experts and professionals on staff
• The company's ability to scale
• Historical revenue/growth
• Past and current lawsuits
• Customer service and transparency
• And much more.

In addition to the points above, we've made an exhaustive effort to dig deeper into each of the companies on our website, especially companies we include in any of our top recommended categories.

Our goal is to give consumers the very best.

We feel these recent changes will improve customer experience, provide more clarity about what we're doing and hopefully help the industry as a whole.

If you've got any comments about the recent changes, please let us know in the comments below, or feel free to send an email to [email protected]


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