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Embedding Your Customers' Reviews Easy as 1-2-3


Credibility. You can't buy it. You can lose it in a heartbeat. And when it comes to attracting potential customers, credibility is everything. But with a rapidly growing internet market full of unfounded, even fictitious news reports, clickbait, and comment trolls, securing your company's online credibility has become increasingly difficult. Your message, the value you hope to pass on to potential customers, can easily get lost in an unending series of ones and zeroes.

But not anymore.

We here at are always looking for ways to not only empower customers in their decision-making process, but also empower the businesses that provide true value to these customers. For that reason, we are very pleased to announce a new feature that allows companies in the directory to embed real customer reviews into their own websites or online publications. Through embedded reviews by, businesses can better take ownership of their story, and customers can make more informed decisions.

Steps Has Taken

In order for our embedded reviews feature to really be of any value, we've established a rigorous user review moderation process to make sure that every review published on our site is 100% authentic. And we don't trust such an important task to algorithms or robots; our review moderation process is completely human driven. Here's a few of the things our expert review team looks for when moderating the thousands of user reviews we receive:

Is the Review from a Real Person?

Before a user can even submit his or her review for moderation, we take several steps to make sure the review is coming from a real person, requiring the user to not only provide a name and valid email address, but also to manually select a score for the company along with an explanation behind the score. If the review can pass through these steps, our review team then examines important qualities of the review and the reviewer, such as the IP address from where the review originated. We also determine whether the content of the review has been plagiarized or shows up somewhere else on the Internet. This ensures that each review is completely unique and coming from an actual human sender.

Is that Real Person an Actual Customer?

Companies understand the importance of online reputation; if Company A has 100 negative user reviews, and Company B has 100 positive user reviews, chances are customers will want to do business with Company B. As a result, the temptation to defame or write false reviews about competing companies is very real, and something that takes very seriously. Before our review team even thinks of publishing a user review, it closely examines the likelihood of the user actually being a customer and not an associate of a rival company.

Is that Actual Customer Giving an Honest, Helpful Opinion?

Positive or negative, if a user review is both honest and helpful, we want visitors to our site to know about it. As a result, we measure the quality of the review so that potential customers can make as informed a decision as possible.

How to Embed the Reviews


As the GIF suggests, embedding real customer reviews into your company's online publications is incredibly straightforward:

1. Obtain the Embed Code

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.19.36 AM

Once you've found the review you'd like to embed on your company website or online publication, simply click the three dots in the bottom left-hand corner of the review, then select "Get Embed Code."

2. Copy and Paste the Embed Code into Your Text Editor

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.19.45 AM

After clicking the "Get Embed Code" button, a window with the actual embed code will appear on your browser. Highlight the text, copy it, then paste it into your HTML text editor. Then publish!

3. Generate Credibility

Now that you have an authenticated user review from, you can truly control your business's online message. Each embedded review you publish on your site will link back to, giving your visitors access to both your full company profile as well as any other user reviews about your company. In this way, customers will gain a full understanding of not only your company, but also how your customers feel about your company.

In short, using embedded reviews from for your company site allows you to promote the voice of actual customers and create actual credibility.


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