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Celebrate Easter with the Kids Without Spending Big!


With Spring in the air, Easter is right around the corner. As the weather warms up, parents are beginning to prep and plan their family's Easter celebrations. Whether you celebrate the rabbit or the resurrection, there are events and festivities for everyone this Easter Weekend. There is no need to bust the bank to create a memorable holiday - with a little creativity and research, the kids won't even notice you are on a budget.

Low Cost Community Celebrations

With so many eggs hunts and celebrations going on at churches, parks and businesses throughout the country, no child should be left with an empty basket. Local churches and community centers often host festivities by donation, and no family is turned away due to hardship. There is food and fun for every family to share, so make sure you research local events happening near you. Church lunches and celebrations are a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday, and these events typically cost no more than what you are comfortable with giving.

Homemade Fun To Create Memories That Last

Baskets and chocolates are expenses that can run as high or as low as you like. Even if you are able to splurge on Easter treats this year, it may not be a good use of your dollars. If you are attending egg hunts elsewhere, it may not be necessary to hide a ton of chocolate at home. If you are planning a hunt at home, make sure to think green. Plastic eggs can be saved and used again for years to come, and baskets can be made from recycled material. Ice cream pails and plain baskets from the thrift shop can be easily decorated to become beautiful basket creations. Spending the afternoon before the bunny's arrival making baskets with your children is a fun and inexpensive Easter activity the whole family can enjoy.

Eggs For Breakfast And Family For Dinner

Believe it or not, in years gone by, the decorated eggs were for eating after being hunted. This is a tradition that has been neglected, but is a brilliant way to get some protein into our children before the chocolate gorging begins. Hard boil a few eggs, and decorate them using food coloring with your kids. On Easter morning the family can each have a couple eggs to start the day off right, and this will keep hunger at bay and goodies in baskets for longer.

Families everywhere will be tucking into a holiday feast, as Easter is the third biggest meal of the year. If you are not preparing a family dinner of your own, talk to family and friends. You never know, you may get an invite to sit in at a different table this year. With a dessert in hand, you could save big on your Easter grocery bill. Enjoying a dinner with others who care about you and your family is a heart-warming wallet saver.

There is no reason that any child should feel financial pressure when they should be enjoying a treasured holiday. Easter is a time for celebration, regardless of budget constraints. With a little bit of frugal creativity, everyone can feel rich in spirit this Easter - regardless of dividends or debt.


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