Posted: Elliot James | December 29, 2014


The New Kind of Famous: Amazon's Top 10 Reviewers


shopping-news-alerts-2Have you heard of Ali Julia? No? Well, she's famous on Amazon.

The Boston Globe recently released an article on behalf of's Top 10 product reviewers, including Ali Julia, a local Bostonian herself. Reviewing products on Amazon since 2008, Ali Julia has attained notoriety as Amazon's number one reviewer. She remains anonymous, though: her Amazon name is a pseudonym.


Along with Ali Julia, a predominant niche of online reviewers, Amazon's Top 10, have all made names for themselves. Most of them are now garnering an income from their online work, and some have larger online followings than popular novelists. Many of them are receiving freebies on a daily and weekly basis.

Yes, it all sounds like a strange subculture for the bored and product-critical, but these reviewers have a stronghold on companies. Large numbers of product reviews, whether positive or negative, heavily dictate which products will be attractive to customers - and, thus, which products will sell. And Amazon's Top 10 aren't pulling any punches: says M. Erb, "I have no desire to review items of low-quality. I review products thoroughly and low-quality items will be scrutinized and awarded an appropriate rating." Merchants beware.

The power that reviews by Amazon's Top 10 can have over online sales is immense. They are articulate, quick-witted and express devotion to finding and talking about high-quality products. Each one of Amazon's Top 10 gives the impression that they know exactly what they are doing, what they are looking for and that they are well-qualified present thoughtful, unbiased reviews. And so, many other Amazon shoppers follow them - and trust them.

Online reviews have become an essential part of our shopping experience; especially when browsing through online marketplaces like Amazon. Product reviews and our peers' words give us the peace of mind to click the 'Submit' button or swipe our favorite piece of plastic. Gone are the days of impulse buying: today's impulse is simply, "Hold on. Let me check its reviews first!" We turn to reviews for everything from purchasing tickets for our next getaway vacation to buying a new vehicle for our family. Reviews teach us what to look for in a product, how to maximize the greatest potential of what it is we are investing in and how it, the product, will benefit our day-to-day lives. The review process has become an integral part of  the purchase - and so it's only natural that some of us, such as Ali Julia and her army of Amazon reviewers, would find a way to lead the pack, capitalize on sharing their opinions and yes, even become famous on Amazon.


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Written by Elliot James

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