Posted: Chase Sagum | January 7, 2015


Amazon Redefines Customer Service... Mostly

newswriter_main4There is a saying about opinions and we have all heard it. So, when the subject of customer service comes up, people will immediately tell you about being on hold for three hours, being stranded on the tarmac for eight hours or generally how you can't get good customer service no matter with which company you are spending your hard-earned dollars.

Even the revered is not immune. Recently the difficulty of reaching a live customer-service worker at Amazon was explored in a newspaper column. Some people nodded their heads in agreement while others expressed surprise. How could this company that does everything right have, gasp, customer service complaints? Could it be that Amazon is getting too big and losing some of that personal touch? Time will tell on that question, especially in light of its recent roll-out of one-hour delivery of household items.

On the other hand, some have great stories of immediate satisfaction with Amazon issues. Scenario: An item ordered is not delivered. Within the customer service tab, there are links indicating email or call now. Within a few minutes, emails will be returned or your phone will ring to speak to a live agent. You are able to voice your complaint and ask for a a replacement or credit to your account immediately. These actions are followed up with additional email confirmations so the information is documented in writing. If you express frustration to the agent that this is a continuous problem, after verifying that within your records, many agents will issue a monetary credit to spend on future visits. Even Amazon resellers have a bent to superior customer service in order to keep their seller ratings high and will issue credits for undelivered items or poor satisfaction.

With all large companies, customer service will run the gamut. You win some and you lose some, but the goal for those in the customer-facing world is that most interactions will include the word satisfaction to encourage repeat sales.


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