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5 Ways to Avoid 'Spending Relapse' When You've Just Started to Get Your Debts Contained

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Most of the time, the most difficult thing about crafting a budget is having the willpower to stick to it. As budgets can significantly cut back your spending and may leave you clenching your fists to avoid pulling out your wallet, it can be easy to relapse and go wild with your credit card. So instead of making things too hard on yourself and blowing your budget as a result, here are a few ways you can keep your financial situation in check.

Be Good but Not Too Good

The word budget strikes fear into the hearts of many, but it's important to give yourself a little bit of breathing room so you at least feel like you can have a bit of fun. While you'll certainly want to limit your extra expenditures, don't deny yourself a piece of clothing or a dinner on the town because it's not a necessity. Instead, make a little wiggle room in your budget for some extras.

Be Cautious with Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most common causes for unmanageable debt, so you may want to reconsider the purchases you put on credit. Instead of putting questionable purchases that you think you can afford on your credit, always think twice and make sure you're more than able to pay off the amount within the month.

Watch Out for Your Friends

It's important when trying to avoid debt that you take responsibility for the debt you've already incurred, but sometimes the people in your life can have a negative impact on your spending habits. If you have friends who are big spenders, you may want to get in the habit of sitting events out here and there so your bank balance doesn't have to suffer.

Identify the Items That Make You Spend

For almost every consumer, there are one or two things that are very hard to say no to. However, instead of giving in to temptation with each cell phone upgrade or new clothing trend, try setting aside a certain amount of money each month so you can afford to give in to at least a little bit of temptation. Not only will this serve to let you reward yourself, it will also keep your budget in check going forward.

Keep an Eye on Your Finances

For someone who loves to spend, it can seem like a huge imposition to consider saving over spending. However, as you check your bank balance over time and get used to your newfound habits, you may actually find that you enjoy watching your bank balance grow. In the end, this might be even more rewarding for you than whatever purchase you were going to make!

It's never easy to get debt under control if you enjoy spending, but it can definitely be worth it in the long run for your finances and your mental health. Instead of being too hard on yourself and paving the way to a budget breakdown, make sure that your financial goals are sustainable and you're not cancelling out all of your rewards for being good with your finances. While it may be difficult in the moment, it will be well worth the savings in the long run!


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