Top 5 Holiday Moving Hacks


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Guest Post by Marshall Weber

The holidays are a hectic time. Throw a move into the mix, and you will have plate so full that even Thanksgiving dinner can’t top it. Even if you’re ecstatic to move during the holidays, you’ll want to approach your late fall or winter move with a plan. Otherwise, things will get out of hand quickly. Weather, storage, transport, and family obligations are all factors you’re going to have to consider. It’s helpful to have a hack or two in your back pocket to take all the tasks in stride as you move. In this guide, we will discuss the top five hacks for moving during the holiday season.

Plan your move far in advance

The best moves are well-planned moves. Whether you’re going across the country or across the street, your move will require many steps. Each step needs to be planned. The more you plan in advance, the happier you’ll be, and the less chance you will find yourself sitting in the middle of your kitchen floor having a breakdown surrounded by boxes, Tupperware, pots, and pans.

Pull out your calendar and a spreadsheet, and start mapping out your game plan and the dates you wish to accomplish certain steps by. The sooner you get on top of accomplishing the early steps, the more likely that you and your family will actually get to celebrate when you get to your new home. Not sure where to start? Check out this comprehensive moving checklist to learn how to plan out your move step by step.

Blue Storage Units

Consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit

If you are moving from Key West to San Antonio, you probably won’t need to consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit. But if you’re among the 80 percent of Americans who will be battling the cold weather this winter season, then a climate-controlled storage unit is going to be your best friend. If you’re planning on packing up in the fall and waiting for the winter to move, your stuff will be sitting in storage during some pretty cool weather. To keep it in great condition, a climate-controlled storage unit is ideal.

In fact, a storage unit is an amazing tool to have at your disposal during every step of your move. At the beginning of your move, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies. Having a storage unit means you can pack up your stuff whenever you want — without leaving boxes around your house. Those boxes can sit in your unit until you’re ready to put them in your new place. Out of sight, out of mind.

Once your move is over, self storage can save the day yet again. Oftentimes, moving to a new place requires downsizing or upgrading. This is all well and good, but if you have stuff that doesn’t fit but you still want to keep it, then you will need somewhere to store it. This is where self storage is a must. Booking a self-storage unit will allow you to keep large or old furniture, seasonal items, collectibles, and more, all while freeing up space in your new home.

Wrapping a present

Use the tradition of gift giving to your advantage

Moving is a time for reevaluating every belonging you’ve brought into your new home. Like we mentioned above, many moves involve downsizing and upgrading. If you have a storage unit, you can keep some of your old stuff for future use or late-game gift-giving. However, if you don’t have a storage unit — or if the one you’re using simply gets too full — it’s time to get into the spirit of giving ASAP. Take a long, hard look at some of the things you’re on the fence about. If you really aren’t going to be using them, give them away to friends, family, and the needy.

Holiday gift-giving can go the other way too. Friends and family are going to be looking for gifts to give you and ways to spend time with you during the holiday season. Help them kill two birds with one stone by asking for some assistance during your holiday move. They’ll get to spend time with and give you a gift — free moving help. Remember to be gracious with your requests. Nothing ruins the holidays like a bit of resentment. Ask nicely, and don’t turn your best friends into beasts of burden (at least not for too long).

Create new traditions

Breaking habits is extremely hard to do. Moving makes it easier. A big move is one of the few times in your life where you are literally forced into new habits, routines, and spaces. Don’t just fall back into your same-old shtick after your big shake-up. Use your move as an opportunity to create new traditions during the holidays and year-round.

Don’t get us wrong, if your family traditions are all universally beloved, this is not going to be a subtractive process — it’s only going to be an additive process. But if your family has habits that no longer spread holiday cheer, now is a perfect time to do some updating. Build new traditions around exploring your new area, such as driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Is there a local theater that always plays It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve? Buy tickets and surprise your family with the showing.

Outside of the holidays, try your best to reinforce new (and good) habits as you ease into your new space. Research the surrounding neighborhood to find fun things to do, and designate a productive area or two in your new space. You’ll be surprised at how easily new habits form when you have a new home as your stage.

Dinner Party

Don’t forget to celebrate!

Sure, the holidays can be a handful, but they can also be fun. In fact, they’re cause for celebration. (That’s why they were invented in the first place!) Keep celebration in mind during your move and after it. Try to finish your move up before Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever winter holiday you celebrate. This will allow you to enjoy the festivities without stress. Once you’re finished moving, don’t rest on your laurels. Celebrate on them! Throw a party, host a dinner, or just decorate to your heart’s content. Leaning into the holiday spirit at the end of your move will help you unwind. Holiday cheer will also make your new house feel like a home.

Ready to move this holiday season? Use this guide to get started and make sure you make all the right moves. Once you’ve done that, search for storage and packing supplies in your area to put your move in motion. Here is a list of moving companies in case you are considering using one. 

Marshall Weber is the Marketing Director of Stor-It, a family owned and operated self-storage facility available in multiple locations around Boise, Idaho.

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