Moving Tips for Newlyweds


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Written by: Benjamin Smith | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Marriage is an important milestone for many people, but it brings with it a number of unexpected changes, some being more difficult than others. If you have not been living together before your marriage, you’ll have to learn to adjust to the quirks and habits of another person.

This guide should answer some of your questions as you start the moving process with your recent or future spouse. We will discuss five practices suggested by Marshall Weber of that can help your move go quickly and efficiently.

1. Declutter

Have you ever walked around your home or apartment and felt a bit claustrophobic? This can be a challenge when space is limited and personal belongings are abundant.

Weber suggests getting rid of anything that does not provide value to you or you spouse. Yes, that means the chipped and broken dishes, half-broken armchair, and countless books that you have never even taken off of the shelf.

Weber says, “Clutter comes in many different forms like seasonal clutter, thrift and bulk clutter, aspirational clutter, seasonal clutter, and nostalgic clutter. Separate into different piles based on trash, recycle, donate, repair, or storage to really see all the stuff you have and how you can get rid of it.”

2. Host a garage sale

Moving is a taxing process that can drain your time, energy, and bank accounts. That being said, there are ways to earn a little bit of cash during the process to help pay for the move or to replace old unwanted items.

Hosting a garage sale is a great way to do this. Though there is no guarantee that you will sell everything that you put in the sale, you’ll likely make enough cash to make it worth the effort. Weber shares, “While you won’t get back all of the money you spent on these items, you can at least make a few extra dollars by selling items you no longer use, need, or can fit in your home.”

To host a successful garage sale, you will want to have a detailed plan in the works. A recent Money Crashers article lays out a basic structure to ensure that your garage sale is successful.

Planning your garage sale

  • Start by picking a date
  • Gather the goods that you intend to sell
  • Check to see if your city requires that you have a permit to sell

Advertising your garage sale

Prepping for the sale

  • Buy any supplies that you may need to set everything up in the space that you have
  • Get some change so you are able to break any bills that are used for payment
  • Sort your items in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to find things
  • Use some manila painters tape to price each item individually
  • Organize your sale to avoid clutter and confusion

Having the sale

  • Give yourself time before it starts to make sure everything is in order
  • Let shoppers come to you with questions about items
  • Towards the end of your sale, don’t be afraid to compromise on pricing as it is your last chance to make money
  • When you are done, put a “free” sign with the rest of the stuff and leave it on the curb
  • At the end of the day, either find a local service that accepts donations or throw the rest away


dollar bills and coins

3. Get creative

One of the advantages of moving into a new space is having the chance to start fresh and try new things. If you find that you are short on storage space, you may want to try some of Weber’s storage hacks for using space you didn’t know that you had.

  • Staircase shelves — Staircases have some of the largest wall space anywhere inside a property. If the stairs are sufficiently wide, shelving can be installed along a staircase wall to expand storage and give stairs a unique aesthetic appeal.
  • Under-the-bed drawers — Most beds are elevated off the ground by a bed frame, leaving the space underneath them free for storage. Investing in under-the-bed drawers will allow you to use the space under your bed effectively.
  • Multi-use coffee tables — Invest in a coffee table with built-in storage space in the form of a lower shelf or drawers. You’ll be surprised at how many things you’ll be able to store in this single, multi-use piece of furniture.
  • Door storage — Vertical storage is a great way to organize items and maximize space. Doors have several square feet of space ideal for housing lightweight items such as shoes, hats, accessories, and even backpacks. Install a single hook or hanging shelf unit to bring vertical storage to any door in your building.
  • Entryway drop zones — Make use of your foyers and hallways by adding a few sets of hooks, wall-mounted shelves, or small side-stands to create quick-and-easy storage drop-able items like keys, coats, and backpacks.

4. Embrace second hand items

Moving in with a spouse can mean saying good-bye to semi-furnished apartments or condominiums, leaving you responsible to furnish your new space. And finances may be tight after paying for a wedding. If you have trouble finding furniture you can afford, Weber recommends looking for second-hand options to fill the gaps until you are financially prepared to invest in more expensive items such as couches, tables, appliances, or even a TV.

To see what options might be out there, reach out to family and friends to see if they have any furniture they are looking to get rid of. Platforms like NextDoor, Offer Up, and local Facebook groups are also great places to reach out for free or cheap furniture. Check out your local thrift store for exciting vintage items as well.

Just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean it isn’t new to you. If you find something that looks a bit outdated, but fills the need, there are a number of simple DIY tricks that will help make each piece your own.

Wooden DIY Sign

5. Consider self-storage

Have you been gifted things that you simply don’t have room for? Take a second to think about the following questions:

  • How long do we plan to live here?
  • When are we planning to have a bigger space?
  • Is it worth keeping these items for when we have the space for them?

If this new home or apartment that you will be living in shortly after marriage is temporary, it may be worth looking into local storage services to rent a storage space for a short time. There are a couple of perks to doing this. If you need to move out of your current residence and are unable to move into your new residence immediately, you will have somewhere to store your things. If you are planning to move in the near future, but have extra furniture or personal belongings that don’t fit in your current space, you can store them there until you are able to move into a space with room for them.

For more information, Weber recommends contacting your local self-storage companies to make sure they can provide you with the best deals and help you determine the space you need. He says, “Once you declutter and sell your items, the remaining items that you would like to keep, but not necessarily in your home, can easily be moved to self-storage.”

The final word

Let this new phase in your life be a wonderful one! Though the moving process can become stressful, don’t forget what made you fall in love with your partner. Let this be a challenge you conquer together. If you are looking for a local moving service, check out this list of moving companies to see which may best meet your needs.

The Top Moving Services Companies

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