3 Ways Technology Can Make Moving Easier


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Written by: Benjamin Smith | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Walking through your home and realizing that you need to put everything you own in boxes can be overwhelming. For the past couple of decades this process has consisted of packing everything into boxes and tediously labeling each one with the contents and the room in which it belongs.

With the explosion of technological advances over the past decade, the moving industry has seen a major shift in common procedures. The following three examples show how technology can make your short or long distance move significantly easier.


When packing household goods and other personal belongings, it is not uncommon for people to come across items that they simply don't need or use anymore. For many, the solution is to toss these things in the trash or take them to a local charitable organization such as Goodwill. MaxSold recognized an opportunity and came to the rescue.

MaxSold is an online auction company in North America that helps people who are moving to sell items that they no longer need. And who doesn't want to make some extra money?

The MaxSold experience is fairly simple and can be completed in a period of just over a week. To begin, users reach out to a representative who comes to their home and takes photographs of excess items. The following day the items are posted on the MaxSold bidding site and MaxSold does the marketing for each item. Payments for the purchased items are collected online and the auction is terminated after seven days. Staff from MaxSold will then come to the home and remove the items that have been purchased.

MaxSold charges a 35 percent fee on profits made from the sale of the customer's items. Amazingly, it boasts a 98 percent sell through rate selling anything from old furniture to half-used cleaning supplies.

Sushee Perumal, the CEO of MaxSold explains “Unlike garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist/LetGo/OfferUp, we offer local expert help to sell everything in 3 steps and 11 days to maximize profit and clear out without you having to deal with the public.”

When you get ready for your next move, don't forget to see what you can get for the things you don't need anymore.

Person scanning a QR code on smartphone


Keeping track of all of the things that you pack when moving is no easy task. Some people are accustomed to writing down lists of everything to make the unpacking process easier and others just give up and spend a number of extra hours unpacking and reorganizing when they arrive at their new living space.

Outlinx has created a mobile app that pairs with QR-smart stickers to help solve this problem. Recent studies show that over 95 percent of Americans now own cell phones and 81 percent of those people own smartphones. Outlinx's mobile app allows users to scan QR codes and create lists that link to them.

These stickers can be used during the moving process by placing QR stickers on boxes and connecting a picture of the contents of the box to the list for that sticker on your phone. When you are unpacking all you need to do is scan the sticker to see what is in the box so that you know where all of it needs to be put.

Derek Yap of Outlinx explains, “Many of my customers purchase Outlinx stickers to label their moving boxes so they can remember a detailed list of what's inside. People also use Outlinx to label containers that they have in long-term storage.”

Once you have finished packing you can reuse the stickers by unlinking them and creating a new list. You can put one on your pantry or fridge door with a shopping list attached, or on a cupboard with recipes attached to make cooking easier for you.

You can download the Outlinx mobile app for free on the app store and put in an order for your own QR stickers online. Currently the app is only available for iOS devices, but Android is in the works with the hope of launch in August 2019.

Let your phone be your friend and save you time as you make your next move and see what perks it can provide.

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Remoov App

Have you ever had to move and found yourself in a smaller space than you had before? Have you ever cleaned your home or apartment and felt that you just had too much stuff? You are certainly not alone. Luis Perez and his team at Remoov have created a simple way for people to declutter their living spaces.

Remoov provides a number of services including selling, donating, and recycling things that you no longer need or want. To make the process simple and cost-effective, those with interest can take pictures of items that they no longer want and text them to Remoov representatives. In some cases, you can also schedule an in-home appointment.

Some common items that are dealt with include the following:

  • furniture
  • collectibles
  • electronics
  • clothing
  • appliances
  • sports equipment
  • toys

If you would like to sell your old stuff, Remoov will post the pictures on its resale channel in search of buyers. The user will receive 50 percent of the value of the sale for each item sold. Items that don't sell are offered to charities and you receive a tax deduction. The items not taken by charities are recycled for you.

Overall using Remoov not only provides you with a bit of extra cash, but it saves you a great deal of time. Maybe this service is what you need to have a positive moving experience in the future.

Now what?

Who knew that there were so many different technological tricks to making your move a positive experience? If you or someone you know will be moving in the foreseeable future, there are many options to save you time and money.

Don't dread moving just because it can be difficult. Look at it as an opportunity for change and growth and you will be able to find joy, and some extra cash, in the little "wins" along the way.


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