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    New Year's Resolutions Your House Wants You to Make | And How to Get Motivated to Follow Through
    If your walls could talk, they would definitely have interesting stories to tell. But could they also tell you what projects you’ve been neglecting around the house? Sure, you can just live with the things you hate abo...
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    30 Tips for Reducing Holiday Chaos to Create a More Peaceful Home
    Feelings of peace, joy, and love are in especially high demand this time of year. And whether or not you’re “feeling it” may have to do with your home environment. According to happiness expert Gretchen Rub...
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    5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Winter
    Guest Post by Cristina Miguelez  It can be depressing to be shut up inside all winter long, especially when you consider how much fun you could be having outdoors. However, many outdoor spaces such as porches, patios, a...
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    5 Home Projects That Actually Have a Positive ROI
    Guest Post by Ben Mizes  The time has come to say goodbye to your house for good. But how do you sell a house? What repairs or upgrades should you make to prepare for the sale? You have limited funds to work with and yo...
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    5 Home Maintenance Ghost-Busting Tips
    Guest Post by Cristina Miguelez Spooks and trolls are on everyone's mind at this time of year. So much so, that you may even find yourself wondering if your home is haunted. Many homes definitely develop or take on a few "gh...
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    5 Trends to Increase Your Kitchen’s Value in 2020
    Guest Post by Cristina Miguelez Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s where you cook, eat, gather, and entertain. It’s also a big part of your home’s value, and how well it&rsquo...
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    5 Transformative Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space
    Guest Post by Chris Everett Whether as a remodeling project or part of a new build, designing an outdoor living space has become an important extension to any dwelling. Outdoor spaces provide a haven to gather and share, or ...
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    5 Tips for Deep-Cleaning Your Home Before Selling
    Guest Post by Jesse Peralta The U.S. housing market has recovered from the 2008-09 housing market crash considerably. As lower-than-expected interest rates make home ownership more affordable, economists say the U.S. housing ...
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    Fresh Ideas for Increasing Property Value
    Guest Post by Recent home sale statistics show that people are not moving as often and are spending money renovating their current house instead. Making a home improvement isn’t always as tough as you mi...
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    7 Renovations That Pay Dividends to Your Home's Worth
    Guest Post by Chris EverettMost homeowners dive head first into renovations without considering the level of skill, materials, and budget required. Whether you are planning to sell your home or simply feel like replacing the ...

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