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LAST UPDATED: March 10th, 2022

Inexture Solutions is a software development company that specializes in mobile app development. While the company offers a wide range of software development services, Inexture Solutions provides customized app development in various industries. 

Originally when Inexture Solutions was founded in 2014, the company started out by providing web development and design services before exploring mobile development. In addition to providing mobile app design and development services, Inexture Solutions also provides IT consulting, cloud services, and mobility solutions. 

To date, Inexture Solutions has completed over 300 software development projects, boasts over 150 satisfied clients, and employs over 175 people between offices in the United States, Australia, and India. 

Inexture Solutions has been named a top-rated development firm by Upwork, a top mobile app development company by GoodFirms, and a Top Python Developer by TopDevelopers.

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The Good

  • Wide Range of Mobile App Development Services
  • Mobile App Development Process
  • Development Difference
  • Transparency

Wide Range of Mobile App Development Services

There are several moving parts that go into designing a complete mobile application. In order to provide help from start to finish, Inexture Solutions provides a wide range of mobile app development services including the following:

Mobile App Design

The Inexture team will work with mobile app designers to get the intended design of the app finalized. The Inexture app designers diligently work to provide a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app.

iPhone App Development

Inexture Solutions will help clients develop iPhone applications to serve iPhone users. Inexture will also assist clients in getting the app uploaded to the Apple App Store and then market it efficiently.

Android App Development

Just like the iPhone development service, the Android app development team will provide and build an Android App that will help clients experience the business growth they desire.

Cross-Platform App Development

Lastly, there is the option to utilize the Inexture corr-platform app development service, where an app is simultaneously designed for both Android and iOS devices.

Inexture Solutions wants to provide the best mobile app services to its clients. In order to do that, Inexture has set an industry standard by targeting multiple app platforms and having designated teams specializing in specific mobile operating systems.

Mobile App Development Process

The process in which Inexture develops mobile apps for clients allows for satisfied customers and successful application launches. Many mobile development companies are looking to get projects over and done with, but that is not how the Inexture Solutions process works. The mobile app development process breaks down as follows:


First, the Inexture team will have a thorough and open discussion with the client to fully grasp the idea for the application. The Inexture Solutions team will talk clients through what technology would best suit the app’s needs, identify the right developers, and strategize a launching plan.

Wireframe Design

After the basics of the app idea are solidified, the Inexture Solutions team will start to work on the actual look, flow, and feel of the app. In this step, Inexture will provide a visualization of the app interface along with suggestions on how to improve.

App Design

Once the design has been locked in, the actual development will start to take place. The development team will put together the user interface (as in Real App design) with frontend tools. There will also be designs for all application screens that can be viewed one by one.


The client will confirm the app design before Inexture Solutions starts working on the backend development. The Inexture team will brainstorm ways to ensure that the app works the way the client intends for its customers to use it.


Upon completion of the frontend and backend portions of development, the Inexture quality assurance engineers will thoroughly test the application and get rid of any bugs in coding.


When the app is ready to go, Inexture will deploy the application and make sure it is readily available to the target customers and users. Application deployment will come with proper tools in order to maximize exposure.

Inexture Solutions provides ongoing services that do not end as soon as the app is launched. The company will also assist clients in getting the word out, being available for any further questions or corrections, and providing support along the way.

Development Difference

Another way Inexture Solutions is setting itself apart from the rest of the mobile app development industry is by providing the following:

  1. Experienced Developers: The Inexture blockchain experts will develop the app.
  2. Reduced Costs: Inexture is able to work at reduced costs, saving clients money on development.
  3. NDA Policy: Inexture team members will all sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting a project to keep pertinent information confidential.
  4. Support: Support does not end when the project is launched. Inexture will provide support whenever the client needs it. 

The ongoing support, experience, and customer care are all ways Inexture goes above and beyond to ensure happy clients.


Inexture Solutions is upfront with clients about what work can be done, how it will benefit their business, how much it will cost, and what support can be offered. This information is not always made clear by mobile app development companies. 


The Bad

  • Portfolio Industries
  • Outsourced Work

Portfolio Industries

With such a complete and comprehensive offering of mobile app development services, it is rather surprising that Inexture Solutions is restricted to a number of industries. As of right now, Inexture Solutions only designs and develops apps for the following industries:

  1. Blockchain Platform
  2. Real Estate
  3. Business Solution
  4. Healthcare

Most mobile app development companies do specialize in certain industries but are not typically limited to only four. This restricts the number of clients Inexture Solutions can service successfully.

Outsourced Work

While Inexture Solutions is headquartered and based out of Los Angeles, CA, a lot of the development team is outsourced help from India and a smaller workforce is based out of Australia. It is not uncommon for mobile app development companies to outsource some development work, but it appears that most of the development services are outsourced to other countries. 


The Bottom Line

Inexture Solutions provides comprehensive mobile app development services to clients in varying industries. Between the company’s streamlined process, transparent service offerings, and compatibility, Inexture would be an ideal choice for clients looking to utilize mobile app development services. 

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