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LAST UPDATED: January 17th, 2020

Fluper’s company mission is to provide its customers with an elated virtual presence with its advanced development initiatives at a reasonable price. Fluper employs a team of seasoned and professional developers who use cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms.

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The Good

  • Mobile App Development
  • 9 Months of Free App Marketing and Promotion
  • 24/7 Live Support and Testing

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are developed for a particular platform, and the two most popular platforms today are iOS and Android. Fluper’s top-class mobile app development services are Android, iOS and other native apps. The company boasts designing and building apps in such a way that they are compatible with multiple platforms and are known for their impressive UI/UX. 

Fluper also offers a peer-to-peer consultation on the launch, strategy, and product roadmap. The company helps to define possible risks, timelines, investments, and a developmental tactic to build a sustainable solution. 

Below is a list of Fluper’s key services:

  • iOS Apps
  • UI/UX Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • App Analytics and Intelligence
  • Backend Development
  • Android VR Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Mobile App Consultancy
  • Mobile App Integrations
  • App Support and Maintenance
  • Multilingual Application
  • IoT-enabled Wearable Apps

9 Months of Free App Marketing and Promotion

Fluper is not only a mobile app development company but is a complete design, development, and marketing service provider. Clients who would like to take advantage of all Fluper has to offer can sign up for the company’s Marketing and Promotions strategy called “Boost Up.” 

24/7 Live Support and Testing

Fluper states that users will have access to daily assistance from their developer — and not have to pay any extra charges or fees. 


The Bad

  • No Pricing Information
  • Overembellished Website

No Pricing Information

Although Fluper claims that the company offers affordable pricing, consumers will not find any pricing information on the company website. Consumers will have to request a quote from the company or call for more details. 

Overembellished Website

Visitors to the Fluper website may find themselves a bit overwhelemed. The site contains a lot of information and various pop-up windows. Overall it is a bit confusing to navigate. 

The site does not allow users to right-click and open a tab in a new window, so consumers will find themselves being redirected to a different page. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it makes it extremely difficult to compare information found on various pages as users will continuously have to click the back/forward button to view the information. 

There is a lot of valuable information on Fluper’s website; however, there is no search bar for consumers to look up a specific word or phrase — meaning users will find themselves scrolling through a plethora of information before reaching the desired topic. 

Additionally, every time users visit a new page they’re greeted with a pop-up. While usually, this isn’t a bad thing, it gets a bit annoying for users who are simply comparing Fluper to other companies in the industry and aren’t ready to sign up for an account. 

Overall, the website feels a bit too busy, and it can be challenging to find information on specific topics.


The Bottom Line

Fluper appears to be a reliable and responsible mobile app development company. The company offers a number of benefits to its customers and is available 24/7 for customer support. The site is a bit busy and can be pretty confusing, but this may be because the industry is known for its technical jargon. We recommend users do a bit of research beforehand to make sure they know exactly what they’re looking for. Consumers will also have to do a bit of work to find out the company’s pricing as it is not listed anywhere on the website.

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