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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2020

Founded in 2006, Evon Technologies is a software consultancy based in Dehradun, India near the Himalayan foothills and employs a team of over 250 technology experts. It provides services to clients who want to either completely outsource a new idea or are looking to build an offshore team, and is primarily an in-house developer enterprise. 

Indian app development and software development companies are often the partner of choice for enterprise clients in the United States and Europe as they can offer higher capacity and significantly lower cost services when compared to American and European agencies.

A large portion of mobile app developers in India focus on Android over iOS; however, Evon Technologies sets itself apart by offering mobile app development across several platforms including Android, iOS, Windows desktop, and HTML5. It also offers consulting on cloud services for startups and SMBs that are not just limited to scaling a web application, but also on using enterprise class technologies like workflow engines, data warehousing, and marketing tools.

Evon Technologies also provides web development services across many platforms, gaming consulting, web and app scaling services, enterprise integration, and independent testing services. It has worked with the following industries:

  • Media and entertainment
  • Travel and leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Automation
  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Telecom

It is registered with STPI, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), a society established in 1991 by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology with the objective of encouraging, promoting, and boosting the export of software from India. Evon Technologies is also ISO 9001–2008 certified. It has over 100 apps in the App and Play Stores, and it boasts over 1,000 projects delivered worldwide.

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The Good

  • Helpful Blog Highlighting Company Expertise
  • Free Estimates
  • Multi-Platform Expertise
  • Prioritize Good Coding and Low Attrition
  • Testing and Security

Helpful Blog Highlighting Company Expertise

Evon Technologies has a well-written and active blog on its website that is regularly updated. The topics covered highlight its commitment to staying up to date on industry trends for its clients. Topics recently covered include test automation, feature driven development, blockchain, C++, and Drupal 8 for web development. 

Free Estimates

The company provides free estimates for its projects. This is industry standard and is an important service to offer to potential clients and businesses.

Multi-Platform Expertise

For its company size, Evon Technologies offers expertise across many platforms, and development technologies which allows its customers’ apps to port to virtually any platform quickly. Most of the top app development companies can code for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or go cross-platform and build a hybrid app. Evon Technologies delivers on this front. 

Its team also develops for wearables, works with AWS Services and AWS cloud, and applies deep learning technology to implement artificial intelligence technology (AI). 

Prioritize Good Coding and Low Attrition

One roadblock that companies hiring an overseas software consultancy might experience is a lack of transparency, communication, or accountability. It can be difficult to maintain quality controls and a working relationship in such a long-distance arrangement. Customer reviews of other international software firms have also complained of high worker turnover leading to project inconsistencies, a lack of transparency in billing and rates, and a lack of documentation making future changes difficult. 

Evon Technologies is strategically located in a smaller city than other major Indian development firms which allows it to have lower attrition rates, better billing rates, and higher productivity due to the lack of issues related to the cost of living and problems that come with larger city living. 

Its developers practice good coding, write well documented/commented code, and have experience in Agile. It also promises clients regular meetings, daily and weekly, and time zone overlapping which is critical to effective and efficient communication.  

Testing and Security

Evon Technologies has a complete testing infrastructure and uses profiling tools to test apps on a wide range of devices (it uses over 80 testing devices). It also provides cross browser testing on all the popular browser versions to ensure software products it develops work for clients. Its employees also utilize continuous integration and deployment (Jenkins), source control, and automation testing (Selenium and Appium) to ensure quality. 

The company also takes its clients security and privacy seriously. Its apps and web developers strictly adhere to OWASP Top 10 security considerations while building websites, and it offers clients security testing. The security of user data while using a site or app developed by Evon Technologies is always a top priority. Evon Technologies also says that it respects the terms of any non-disclosure agreement entered into with a client, and that client ownership is defined to protect intellectual property. Potential clients should explore these concepts in detail with the company before entering into a contract.


The Bad

  • Office Based Only in India
  • Lack of Reviews 
  • Potentially Deficient on Cutting Edge Tech

Office Based Only in India

While Evon Technologies is by no means the only software consulting firm with an office only in India, some of its top competitors do offer clients office locations in the U.S. and Europe as well. Having an U.S. office location is beneficial to facilitate easy communication and meeting times. While Evon Technologies does offer clients overlapping office hours, this will likely not be a direct substitute for having an office location in the United States.

Lack of Reviews 

There is a lack of detailed reviews of Evon Technologies on industry review sites. One site that hosts profiles of over 4,000 Indian software consulting firms did not feature Evon Technologies. This lack of reviews should give potential customers the reason to proceed with caution, get a detailed project estimate, and ask the company questions before proceeding on a contract. Potential clients should request references and sample projects to review.

Potentially Deficient on Cutting-Edge Tech

Most of the top app development companies can code for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or go cross-platform and build a hybrid app. Evon Technologies does compete on this front; however, it appears to be farther behind on cutting-edge technology such as AR, VR, and wearable app development. It also appears to be using older coding languages in its web development and doesn’t mention some that other, larger competitors are using such as Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. Evon Technologies also doesn’t appear to have developers proficient in programming for Amazon Alexa and other conversational bots. 


The Bottom Line

Evon Technologies is a software consulting firm based in India that provides a wide range of app and web development services to its clients. It also provides consulting services for customers on gaming, cloud services, web and app scaling, business identity portals, and marketing and lead management. 

We recommend that potential customers meet with the company to discuss their future and current development needs in detail to ensure that it has the experience to deliver a quality product. Evon Technologies does not appear to offer the cutting-edge expertise of other software consultancies, so potential customers should make sure it can serve both their current and future needs. 

Checking out the app developer’s portfolio is always a good idea. It is also helpful if Evon Technologies has previous experience in your field or business sector. This might not only get you a better app, but also potentially a cheaper cost The challenges tackled and resolved in making prior apps will reduce the development time for yours. Your chosen app developer should know the ins and outs of your specific industry.

Reviews and recommendations are also a valuable resource. We encourage potential customers to request reviews and references of the company's previous work in your industry.

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