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LAST UPDATED: October 15th, 2020

AppMomos was established in 2013 and is based in Bangalore, India with a sales office in East Windsor, New Jersey. It offers customers design and development services of mobile and web applications as well as UX/UI design, digital marketing services, DevOps (software development and IT operations), chatbot development for your website, and some limited machine learning options. 

While it does offer a long list of services, the company seems to be primarily focused on mobile and web app development. For example, it also works in app development for IoT (internet of things) but does not provide any portfolio examples of this work. 

AppMomos works with a wide variety of business but It focuses on the following industries:

  • E-Commerce
  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Warehousing
  • Hostels
  • Real estate

It is typical for mobile and web app development companies to focus their expertise on certain areas, especially for a firm of this size. AppMomos promises to have your mobile app developed in 30 days and lays out its process to accomplish this. This is unique as most competitors don’t promise a specific timeline before reviewing the scope of your project. The process and timeline it suggests for a mobile app are as follows:

  • Day One — Project launch
  • Day Five: — Wireframe design
  • Day Ten — Design signoff with client
  • Day Fifteen — First milestone in development process
  • Day Twenty — Final app version in development process
  • Day Twenty-Five — Beta testing
  • Day Thirty — Final app release

AppMomos has received recognition for its work although many of the awards aren’t necessarily prestigious or competitive.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Milestone Payments
  • Portfolios and Case Studies Available
  • Price Estimates on Blog

Free Consultation

Good mobile app development companies will offer customers a free consultation. This is beneficial for both you and the company and can help ensure that you are a good match for the proposed project. AppMomos encourages interested customers to contact them to discuss their project for free.

Milestone Payments

AppMomos offers customers the option to make milestone payments throughout their project’s development process. This is a nice benefit and could give customers confidence in working with AppMomos. Its milestone payment process is below.

  • Consultation — Free
  • Signoff — 30% payment
  • Prototype wireframe design — No additional payment
  • First successful milestone — 30% payment
  • App version release — 20% payment
  • Final version release — 20% payment
  • Submission to the app store and bug fixes for 15 days after release — Free

Portfolios and Case Studies Available

AppMomos has many past projects in its portfolio online. You can easily browse several different projects quickly. Each project includes a description, slides of the actual app, a list of its features, and the platforms it was designed for. 

It also has a few case studies on its website that could give you an idea of how the company would tackle developing an e-commerce app, communication app, food/restaurant app, or a real-time tracking app.

Price Estimates on Blog

AppMomos has several posts on its blog that allow customers to get an idea of how the company bills for its services and what it typically charges. It provides a cost analysis for educational apps and others. Standard utility applications without complex, flashy graphics cost around $1,000–$10,000. Applications that feature interactive design and customization features or cloud storage will likely raise the price range to $2,000–$20,000.


The Bad

  • Limited Online Presence
  • Different Time Zone

Limited Online Presence

Because AppMomos has such a large portfolio of work and over seven years working the application development space, we would expect the company to have a significant online presence in the form of online reviews. However, it has very few and on the market insight industry site it has none. We also noticed that almost all of its reviews on Google are from India. This lack of reviews from clients within the United States, where it is marketing its services heavily, is concerning.

Different Time Zone

While AppMomos does list a U.S. phone number and address for its New Jersey sales office, it mainly seems to direct customers to contact the company via an international phone number. This gives the impression that perhaps it does not have an active U.S. presence. Working with overseas developers can be more affordable and a great experience, but it can also present communication challenges when dealing with vastly different time zones and work schedules.


The Bottom Line

AppMomos is a mobile app development firm that is based in India with over seven years experience. It develops apps for both Android and iOS platforms as well as web applications. This varied expertise can prove very useful for companies looking for multiple products. It also offers digital marketing services, chatbot development, AI and machine learning, and DevOps, but these don’t seem to be its main focus or expertise. You won’t find any case studies or portfolio examples of these other services so you should request references or examples of this work before proceeding.

We appreciated that the company provides pricing examples on its blog. This could help you easily compare its prices with a competitor. AppMomos also offers free consultations similar to most mobile app development companies. Its website does not emphasize usability testing and functionality verification like many of its top competitors. You should make sure to pursue extensive usability testing of any app it develops. Be sure to verify that it has been tested for functionality, usability, security, performance, and continuous build integration. The company does offer a limited period of free bug fixes after an application is released. 

Overal,l it does appear that AppMomos has expertise in developing mobile apps for e-commerce, education, fitness and more at an affordable price. Its option to arrange milestone payments reduces the risk of working with a remote developer. 

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