Users can protect their phone with this powerful Antivirus and Mobile Protection by NetQin Mobile. This company has strong features that have received many awards in overall usability. Parents have awarded NetQin for their optimized service, calling it the best Smartphone protection for kids. Keep your device and your family even safer with NetQin Mobile Security. 

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The Good

  • Cloud-based backup
  • Free basic version available for download
  • Anti-eavesdropping protection

Never worry about losing your phone again or risk someone stealing your Mobile device. With NetQuin you can protect yourself from mobile threats and backup your device with their safe cloud-based backup system. Security features with NetQin include Anti-virus, privacy, safe browsing, optimization, and antitheft.  You can either download a free basic version of the app or you can get the Premium version. The Premium version comes loaded with many security features you would expect with any mobile antivirus product, although NetQin has a few extras that add some extra features. One of their enhanced features is the Anti-Eavesdropping Protection. You can scan your device, and an alarm will sound letting you know if you have any Spyware installed that may be listening in.

The Bad

  • No protection for Apple products
  • Some features cost extra
  • Slow to update

NetQin may offer powerful antivirus software for devices in the android or PC family, but currently they do not offer products to protect iPhones or iOS devices. The Basic version of NetQin is very standard and really doesn't include many protection features, it leave you limited with your security and in most cases you'd probably get better performance all around with the Premium or Paid version of the app. The paid version starts at $19.99, and note that added features sometimes require you to pay extra. Be careful using this app with newer threats rising.  NetQin hasn't been updates since January 20, 2014, leaving room for risks to enter if they are newer than the current version.

The Bottom Line

You'll get whatever you end up paying for. If you choose to use the free version, it's likely that you'll be stuck with limited protection and limited features.  If you choose the Premium option you'll definitely get added features and find more options to customize your mobile security. There's isn't a free trial with this one but NetQin allows you to use the free basic version of the app as long as you'd like. If you try to use premium features you'll be prompted to buy the Premium version before you can actually access the feature.

The basic version of the app includes Malware/Spyware Scanning & Protection, Realtime Cloud Scans for new threats, Safe Browsing, Privacy Audit, Call/SMS Blocking, Contact Backup/Restore, and Data Monitor.

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