Founded in 2005, Zinzino is a direct-selling nutritional supplements company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company manufactures and distributes two main product lines: Zinzino Food and Zinzino Coffee. Zinzino centers its product line around quality, luxury, health, and environmental safety. The company's vision is to be the "most customer-friendly direct sales company in the world."

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The Good

  • No Upfront Fees
  • Opportunity to Earn Free Products
  • Balance Test
  • GMO-Free Products
  • Upstanding DSA Member

No Upfront Fees

There is no upfront fee to become an independent distributor for Zinzino. Additionally, the company does not require its partners to purchase products. However, many distributors do make purchases for personal use, as well as have samples for potential customers. Distributors pocket the difference between wholesale and retail prices when they sell products to consumers.

Opportunity to Earn Free Products

Zinzino offers a plan that allows consumers to earn free products. In order to do so, consumers must purchase a monthly subscription and refer four others who ultimately make a purchase. Eligible consumers do still have to pay shipping charges on earned free products.

Balance Tests

Zinzino offers balance tests to help consumers determine their levels of omega-3s and fatty acids. These tests can be completed at home and take approximately one minute to finish. Upon completion, the tests are sent to leading laboratories for analysis. Results can be obtained anonymously online after 20 days. If the test shows that a customer is balanced, Zinzino will refund the full purchase price of the test.

GMO-Free Products

All Zinzino products are GMO-free, meet regulatory production requirements, and follow good management practices for pharmaceuticals and food products. Additionally, the company provides scientific studies on its corporate website as proof to back up its claims.

Upstanding DSA Member

Zinzino is an upstanding member of the Direct Selling Association in every country where it conducts business operations.

The Bad

  • No Compensation for Recruitment
  • Relatively Expensive Products
  • No Incentive for Customers to Purchase Directly
  • Restocking Fees
  • Sweden Headquarters

No Compensation for Recruitment

Unlike many other multi-level marketing companies, Zinzino does not pay individuals for recruiting others to join the business opportunity. This prevents Zinzino representatives from creating a downline that gives them commission.

Relatively Expensive Products

Zinzino's products range from $98 to $269, which is relatively expensive when compared to prices of other companies in the industry.

No Incentive for Customers to Purchase Directly

Consumers can register at BioActive Foods and get Zinzino products for 5 percent cheaper than if they were to purchase directly from Zinzino. This eliminates incentive for consumers to purchase products through Zinzino, as well as has a negative impact on the sales volume of distributors.

Restocking Fees

Zinzino does offer a 90-day refund to its customers. However, products must be returned in unopened, unused, and resalable condition in order to be eligible for a refund. Additionally, Zinzino does not refund shipping costs and deducts a 10 percent restocking fee.

Sweden Headquarters

For American consumers, it might be disappointing to know that most of Zinzino's customers and representatives are based in Europe, primarily in Nordic countries. The health and wellness company only has 4% of sales in North America, with 73% in Nordic countries and the remainder in the rest of Europe. This means that most training and product resources are allocated to Europe, and many American consumers are unfamiliar with the brand.

The Bottom Line

Zinzino is a direct sales company in the multi-level marketing industry that specializes in nutritional supplements and coffee. The company has been in operation for over eight years and has established itself as a legitimate, stable company.

Distributors can join the business opportunity at no charge and earn commissions equating to the difference between wholesale and retail prices. Consumers also have the opportunity to receive free products on a monthly basis.

Zinzino offers a 90-day refund for unopened and resalable product purchases. However, the company does charge a 10 percent restocking fee for returned items. Additionally, Zinzino does not provide advanced sales and marketing training or compensate individuals for recruitment efforts.

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Robert , NJ

October 8th, 2019 East Brunswick, NJ DETAILS arrow_drop_down
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

My joint pain is gone,my blood pressure much better after two weeks only!!! My wife back pain is almost eliminated....what can I say!!?....Just great,and thank you Zinzino, I never going to stop taking the oil,gave a good balance and functionality to my body.


Johanna Gardarsdottir

January 14th, 2019

The Zinzino products that I have used and still use are just great. Skin serum is my favorite product and the Balance formula (omega oil) I can order my products direct through my distributers or on line. Personal service or not, it is my choice First I was a customer, but know I´m a very new partner that give me possibility to do something with it if I want sooner or later or just be "independent customer" :-) The distributors I know seem satisfied with their work , are self-employed and economically independent . I am a healthcare professional and get acquainted with things. The company seems to be offering quality products with a powerful research team behind them.


Carina Northup

June 30th, 2017

The products works ... I have had problems with my intestines and colon and the work better and better the more I use it .. it was needed!!


Bill Skipper

April 4th, 2017

I got on this because I was told it was remarkable for your digestive system. I was told that I could quite at any time if I was not satisfied with the product. So, I paid the $150 up front took the test and started using the product right away. I have been using without fail for a month and no affect what so ever. I was planning on stopping the service after I got my first set of bottles, then a few weeks later I get a notification of another shipment going out on the weekend. I got on the computer to cancel that and when I was trying to get to the web page I get the auto charge to my credit card. Most auto payments I use give you several days to dispute, this was minutes. So, I tired calling, closed. I find it interesting that they charger your credit card on the weekend yet have no support desk for questions. So I waited until Monday which I was informed that it would cost $50 cancelation of the contract. That is my fault because I did not read the details. I am more upset that they would not even refund me for the shipment that had not gone out yet. I paid the $50. So, lesson learned Some times you have to trash can $239 to learn you mistake. I do not recommend this product because they are just looking for the $$$ instead of helping people.


Mary Jo McKay

January 10th, 2017 West Fargo, ND

In two months, blood pressure went from 169/94 to 120/60! Dropped three scripts!


Gary Johnson

September 13th, 2016 West Fargo, ND

order invoices were emailed...looked as though product had shipped and order had processed. However, in our case, our payment card had been updated and orders did NOT go through since old card info. No contact from company or upline to let us know that orders were not completed. Call to customer service informed me that my account had been terminated...which means I would have to re-buy the start up kit if I was to get a followup test...which means I had to pay double if I wanted that. I chose to cut my losses and not register as new again.

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