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8 percent starting commission and $40-160 starter packs

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Young Living Essential Oils is a multi-level marketing company that was founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993.  Young Living products include an array of Young Living essential oil, the young living home diffuser, Slique Essence products, Savvy Minerals, and other personal health and essential oil-based products.

Young Living Essential Oils has one of the largest farm networks in the direct sales industry. Young Living's Seed to Seal farms are located in seven locations throughout the world, including Idaho, Utah, Ecuador, Peru, France, and Oman. The farms select the highest quality seeds to use, plant and cultivate the seed, distill, test, and package the product for Young Living Essential Oils.

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The Good

  • Commission Rates
  • Tiered Starter Packages
  • Membership Perks

Commission Rates

Young Living Essential Oils sells at retail level pricing (which is 24 percent higher than wholesale pricing) for customers that do not purchase its Premium Starter Kit. Distributors then get to keep the difference between the retail and wholesale pricing, plus an 8 percent commission on the first tier.

If a new customer does purchase a Premium Starter Kit, they are able to purchase products at the wholesale price and the distributor receives a one-time new customer commission of $25, plus the 8 percent commission on the first tier orders placed. Distributors are able to earn free product based on their own orders placed every month, plus additional bonuses such as cash. An additional commission can be earned if the distributor has reached higher levels with more than one tier.

Tiered Starter Packages

We like that Young Living offers different "tiers" of starter packages. There are also add-ons to each package that increases your ability to sell, as well as your product range. The basic starter kits are priced as follows:

  • Basic Starter: $40
  • Basic Starter Plus: $75
  • Premium: $160

The kits all contain basic starter resources, such as business cards, brochures, and other print resources educating consumers on the product offerings available through Young Living. The Premium Kit contains several 5-ml samples to demonstrate to potential customers. Also, the add-ons contain samples of health products and other fragrances.

Membership Perks

Such with many MLM companies, members not only receive added benefits but have a business opportunity as well. The company offers the following perks to its membership base:

  • Generous Compensation for new and seasoned distributors in its sales network.
  • Wholesale Pricing: Distributors save 24 percent when they sell Young Living products at retail prices.
  • Essential Rewards and Exclusive Experiences: When enrolled in the Essential Rewards program, a Young Living Distributor can earn as much as 20 percent on each order placed. Also, the Exclusive Experiences are programs aimed at building dealers up, especially the International Grand Convention and visits to Young Living Essential farms.
  • Support: Through the Young Living Community, new distributors are able to get training and support from leaders in their sales networks.

The Bad

  • Legal Issues
  • Expensive Products
  • Low Commissions

Legal Issues

Allegedly, chemist Robert Pappas has also claimed in a court deposition that Young Living occasionally uses synthetic chemicals in some of their "organic" products. Because of this, we have some concerns about the efficacy of products that Young Living Essential Oil carries.

This is a claim that disputes their product labels, website advertising, and Seed to Seal farm paradigm. Young Living has also received some heat from the FDA. In 2014, the FDA warned Young Living against claiming that its products could be used as a possible cure or treatment for Ebola.

Also in 2014, the FDA warned Young Living against advertising its products in a manner that might cause their products to be used as drugs.

Expensive Products

We also have concerns about the prices of products that are listed on their website. We reviewed some of their oil singles and found that the Bergamot essential oil is priced at $35.43 for a 15-ml bottle. For consumers, we felt that this represented a significant price markup.

Low Commissions

Distributors are not always guaranteed a return on their investment for an order. There is a 24 percent discount on items that are ordered for the distributor. However, there is only an eight percent commission available for each product sold. There are additional commissions available, but these kick in after a distributor has significantly expanded their sales network.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Young Living Essential Oils for new distributors. Overall, here is what we liked:

  • The different tiers of starter kits and add-ons make it easy for a new distributor to enter the marketplace. There are different premiere starting kits that allow the distributor to customize for their market. We liked the military base premium starter kit, which has oils customized for those serving at home or abroad.
  • We like that the compensation plan has lead generation built into it. Often times, lead generation is not extensively built into the compensation plan with other multi-level marketing companies. With Young Living Essential Oils, we found that distributors who had built a solid sales network were compensated for the leads they generated.
  • The website for the Seed to Seal farm program gave us detailed information about how Young Living Essential Oils plans, plants, and packages their products.

We had some concerns about Young Living Essential Oils:

  • In a lawsuit, a chemist had provided a deposition that some Young Living Essential Oils products contained synthetic products when they were labeled as being completely "organic."
  • While lead generation was deliberately built into compensation, we feel that new distributors might have a hard time generating leads while balancing their sales responsibilities.
  • We feel the compensation could be a little bit more. At 8 percent, a distributor has to sell a lot of products to get a livable wage per month off of their sales efforts.
  • Overall, the reviews at Glassdoor indicated that farm employees with Young Living Essential Oils were not always treated that well. Young Living Essential Oils could do more to help their farm employees, the core of their production infrastructure.

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Laura Elliott
March 19th, 2016

Love their products and have been so beneficial to me!

February 24th, 2016 Richmond, VA

Love the products, the ease of signing up and the customer service is amazing! I use my oils everyday and share then with everyone. The oils are amazing quality, and smell great. Love the company!

January 18th, 2016 Rossford, OH

Loved the products and enjoyed the results from them. I could not find results with any other company like I found with Young Living and I admit I'm cheap, so was looking for the best deal for what I got. Yes it may cost more, but in the end it truly was the best deal for the money, when you are talking quality results!

Anneliese Flint
January 8th, 2016 Keller, TX

The products Work. They are amazing! The company is open and honest with their processes. Where else can you visit, and work, on a MLM's farm? Our team offers training for anyone wanting to grow a business, yet there is NEVER any pressure to sell. Absolutely no monthly minimum requirement to remain a wholesale customer. I make way more then what I need to purchase as much oils and supplements to support my families health and wellness, then I need. These products are EASY to sell. Everyone wants to be healthy and like I said before, these products work.

Wanda Mazzulo
December 15th, 2015 Miami, FL

Love the products, the Essential Oils are excellent, the first month received a check and being new in this industry I could not believe it, haven't stop receiving checks going to my 4th...I always though All Network Marketing were scam, but this one is the BEST.

November 4th, 2015 Nampa, ID

I love working with this company. The products are amazing.

teresa holt
August 20th, 2015 Kansas City, MO

excellent company to work with