Xango is a wellness products company that was started in 2002. Xango was founded by Joe Morton, who brought the Mangosteen fruit juice to the U.S. They offer a wide variety of wellness products to customers that are based on their Mangosteen fruit. The Mangosteen fruit is found in Southeast Asia and has 65 types of xanthones.

Supposedly, these phytonturtients help support and maintain wellness.

Xango was aquired by MLM company Zija International in 2017.

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The Good

  • Simple Signup
  • High Commissions
  • Awards and Accolades
  • Wide Range of Health Products

Simple Signup

Starting your own business with Xango is very simple. Xango makes it very easy to find this information on their website, which we appreciate. The signup cost is reasonable for the industry and their commission rate is high. Here is more information:

  • A low, $35 overhead for starting your own Xango business.
  • They offer two business plans discussed on their website with documents.
  • A 50 percent compensation plan for its sellers.
  • Distributors can be paid weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Once you get qualified in your local market, you can sell in multiple national and global markets.
  • There are rewards for when you sell products, including global bonuses at $1K in sales, a lifestyle bonus and car bonus at $5K and rank bonuses beginning at $20K in sales.

High Commission

Xango's compensation is also pretty generous with 50 percent commission. We found that Xango has created over a hundred millionaires during their time in business. Your income can be as much as you want, depending upon your personal sales volume and your market area.

Awards and Accolades

Xango has won some awards for its groundbreaking products and its business. Some of the awards include the following:

  • Two Awards of Distinction for Xango.com and their FAVAO mobile app.
  • Digital Media Award for a Facebook campaign.
  • 2011 Corporate Partner of the Year from Best Buddies of Utah.
  • Multiple Awards for Corporation, Business Practices, and 2008 CEO Award of the Year.

Wide Range of Health Products

Xango's wellness products include the following:

  • Xango Juice: A drinkable juice aimed at promoting an individual's overall health.
  • Favao: Supplements that include protein powder and fiber that supplement your meals.
  • Glimpse: Skin nutrition products.
  • Xango3Sixty5: Vitamins and supplements.
  • Precis: This is an individual line of supplements aimed at a particular health concerns.
  • Eleviv: This is an energy supplement.
  • Juni: This is a line of products aimed at increasing the health of your hair.
  • Meal Pack: This is a social welfare product offered by Xango. These Meal Packs are designed to help malnourished individuals in third-world cultures.
  • Xalo: This is a "sub-company" of Xango that is aimed at providing aging products to keep you looking young for a long period of time.

The Bad

  • Lawsuit Regarding Mismanaged Loan
  • Negative Glassdoor Reviews

Lawsuit Regarding Mismanaged Loan

Xango received a lot of its initial funding from a company known as Angel Investors, LLC. There was a lawsuit against the company from Angel Investors early on, where the company alleged that Xango abused the loan it received and offered its founding executives lucrative salaries.

Negative Glassdoor Reviews

Some of the reviews on Glassdoor were disappointing as well. Here is what we found out:

  • Xango's current pay plan replaced one that had been in existence for nine years. Some sales distributors noticed that their income dropped by as much as half.
  • The company has lain off some of its sales distributors in recent years, a troubling sign for a company that relies heavily on distributors.
  • The "small sales" specialist often felt that they were not a part of the corporate culture.

Xango's layoffs are also a problem at their corporate office. Many corporate employees reported difficulty when interacting with the company's executive team. Also, many employees at the administrative level reported at Glassdoor that they didn't feel that their job was secure. Also, corporate layoffs were a normative component of the corporate culture.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Xango if you want to sell personal wellness products. Here is what we liked about Xango:

  • Affordable signup cost to become a distributor only $35.
  • A transparent, though lofty, compensation plan. More than 100 Xango distributors have reached the million dollar mark within the company's first twelve years.
  • A wide variety of products aimed at different aspects of wellness, including aging, energy, and other health concerns.

Based upon the compensation plan and the perk levels with Xango, we found that if you were a savvy sales expert, it was easy to make some income. However, a prospective sales specialist might want to think about how they might generate their own leads. Xango provides very few resources when it comes to lead generation and sales support. While there are great perks with Xango, we found that starting your own distributing business could be difficult:

  • Due to a lack of leads, many reviewers on Glassdoor found that a steady income from Xango was unsustainable.
  • Xango's latest compensation plan forced many distributors out of the market.
  • It was often difficult for some Xango distributors to find a "niche" in their market.

We were also concerned about Xango's corporate culture. Many of the reviewers on Glassdoor felt that the company's executives were a little bit over the top in terms of personalities. Also, the company's corporate employees are not always treated well. Overall, regular layoffs are the norm and corporate employees reported not feeling any real security or purpose in their job.

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Fernando Martínez

May 20th, 2016

Xango by far has revolutionized the way of building a solid mlm structure and earning system in this industry. Recognized by some of the most important entrepreneur awards in the world. Great things are happening along with xango and its the main ingredient for success beyond quality products and its called "system"... "iuvare" learn more. Go +500 premier!

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