Vfinity is a multi-level marketing weight loss company founded in 2014 by Kenneth John, Daniele G.D. Henderson, and Lyndsey B. Larsen. The privately held corporation is headquartered in Naples, Florida. The company seeks to help individuals live a healthy lifestyle, and make money while working from home.

The company's mission as a whole is "empowering people to actively change lives. Our mission is to illuminate a clear path leading towards a fulfilling lifestyle with infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom to live your life on your terms." The company generates $5 to $10 million in global revenue annually.

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The Good

  • Product Line
  • Signup
  • Bonuses
  • Friends and Family Program
  • Challenges and Contests

Product Line

The company offers three main products that may be purchased individually or in packs. They are designed to be taken in three steps for optimal weight loss. The first product is called V1 and it is a meal supplement designed to boost metabolism and build lean muscle.

V2 is the second product and contains herbal extracts that cleanse and alkalize the body while reducing cravings. V3 Max is the last product in the line that is built to be a pre-workout supplement to boost energy levels, increase metabolism, suppress appetite, promote stamina, and overall vitality.


An individual who is interested in becoming a Vfinity Consultant may do so by enrolling on the company's website. If they do not have a sponsor, one can be assigned to them. Distributors must purchase a Starter Pack and enroll in the company's autoship program.


The company offers seven steps to success for individuals who decide to become consultants. Their financial incentives and bonuses include a fast startup bonus, retail profit, coded bonus, group commission, rank advancement bonus, unilevel bonus, and business builder pool bonus volume.

Independent distributors can earn an extra $5-$10 in retail commission if they convert a new buyer into a Preferred Customer. This is achieved by placing the person on auto-ordering and the Preferred Customer can get products at wholesale prices whether or not they choose to become consultants.

Consultants are also eligible to earn unlimited Vfinity Loyalty Rewards points for free products based on every three Preferred Customers they enroll.

Friends and Family Program

The company also has a Vfinity Friends and Family Program that consultants may purchase for $29.95. The company will mail out a professional sampling to ten friends and family members the consultant selects.

Each padded mailer sampling includes a welcome letter, a product brochure, an opportunity brochure, and two V3 Max caplets in the V3 Max Infinite Energy sample box.

Challenges and Contests

Consultants are also given the opportunity to compete against one another for prizes and bonuses. Some consultants have earned vacations to exotic destinations.

Others have won free products and cash prizes. The company also hosts weight loss challenges every month on their company website.

The Bad

  • Limited Product Line
  • Lack of Training

Limited Product Line

Since the company offers only three main products, it limits the overall earning potential that a company with a fuller product line would be able to offer.

The products are expensive for some users and there is no scientific evidence or clinical trials available regarding the validity of their health benefits.

Users can find similar products at a much cheaper price at their local supermarkets. Product prices range from $59.95 to $119.95 for a 30-day supply.

The cost to join the business opportunity as a consultant ranges from $24.95-$229.95, depending on initial Starter Kit selection. While the company lists product ingredients, it fails to educate consumers on how these ingredients help one to lose weight or suppress appetite.

The products do not clearly differentiate themselves from other similar products available on the marketplace. The biggest claim the company makes is that their products are premium or superior, but the claim is vague without any supporting evidence to back it up.

Lack of Training

The company offers very little business education in the way of sales, business, and marketing training. The weight loss company gives each consultant a sponsor, basic marketing materials, and access to company wide events.

Individuals who are new to the industry and have little training in these areas may struggle to grow their businesses sufficiently enough to achieve a substantial income.

These individuals may want to consider investing in training themselves or seek another similar business opportunity that provides these types of business education.

New Company

The company is relatively new to the industry marketplace. This makes it difficult to judge accurately how well the company will do over a period of time. Many companies start out successfully and then wane as market saturation occurs.

It is too early to know how well the company will compete with well-known players already established in the industry.

The Bottom Line

Vfinity is a newer weight loss multi-level marketing company in the industry. The company's objective is to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and earn a living by working from home. The privately held company generates $5 to $10 million in global revenue annually.

It features a product line of three nutritional supplements designed to work together as a complete package. There is little information regarding the company at the time of this review, and cannot be recommended as a business opportunity. The product line is expensive for some consumers. The company provides little in the way of business training, and the compensation plan is not clearly explained.

Individuals may want to seek a similar opportunity that has a longer track record and better customer support if they want to succeed in the weight loss industry.

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September 24th, 2015 Naples, FL

Amazing company with amazing products. Their shake and greens are delicious, filler free, GMO free and reasonably priced. I have experienced so many positive benefits with my blood sugar levels, and overall sense of well being since taking these products. The V3MAX gives amazing energy as well. I love taking these products daily and will continue to do so. I've tried many direct sales company's products and I must say, this company's products are the best of the best. The company is very well managed and customer service is great!

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