Founded in 2007 by William Barbo, Unlimited Network of Opportunities is a multi-level marketing company headquartered in Manila, Philippines. UNO distributes natural health products with a mission to “provide the best products and services and to produce more successful entrepreneurs.” 

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The Good

  • Affordable Prices
  • Unique Products
  • Binary Compensation Plan
  • Positive Reputation

Affordable Prices

Unlimited Network of Opportunities provides a range of personal care and health products with ingredients such as grapeseed extract, virgin coconut oil, and green tea. Customers have stated that UNO's products are affordable for most household budgets.

Unique Products

The UNO Premier division in the United States features its own unique line of products. These included Nutrifab Pickled Plum for healthy weight loss, Pro Cardio to improve cardiovascular health, and Sante8berries for antioxidant health. The company also features an organic cosmetic line called Le Jeune Cosmetiques, which assists consumers in achieving a healthier, younger appearance.

Binary Compensation Plan

Unlimited Network of Opportunities offers a hybrid binary compensation plan with weekly payouts. Individuals become independent distributors by purchasing a starter kit for $154.58.

The starter kit includes a set of products, a gift certificate, and access to a virtual back office and marketing materials. Independent distributors earn up to 30 percent commission on retail product sales, as well as numerous other financial incentives and bonuses. Additionally, UNO offers lifetime discounts between 25 and 50 percent.

Positive Reputation

Unlimited Network of Opportunities features numerous certifications and licenses on its corporate website. The company has also won a multitude of awards and accolades for the global excellence of its manufactured product line. UNO promotes itself as the number one network marketing company in the Philippines and has been ISO certified for three consecutive years.

The Bad

  • Company Website
  • Emphasis on Recruitment
  • Investigations
  • Little Sales and Marketing Training

Company Website

While UNO's website is simple to navigate, the content on the site is not very easy to read. Much of the text is written in broken English. Additionally, there does not appear to be any way for an individual to set up an account or enroll as a distributor online. UNO does not list prices for its manufactured product line on its corporate website.

Emphasis on Recruitment

Unlimited Network of Opportunities places a heavy emphasis on recruitment efforts. Independent distributors are required to maintain a minimum of 100 Global Points each month in order to qualify for the unilevel and stair-step sections of the compensation plan. However, no ranking qualifications are necessary to reach the 10 levels of payout.


UNO has been the focus of investigations regarding the recruitment practices of its distributors. Some consumers have stated that prospects were encouraged at business presentations to trade in their personal electronic gadgets and other devices as a "reservation fee" if they could not pay the initial startup fee.

When the prospects would ask for their gadgets back, they were told that they had to pay a $10 fee in order to get their belongings back. Law enforcement officials learned of these events, investigated, and found some distributors guilty.

The guilty distributors were jailed for conducting business operations in this manner. UNO has released an official statement that it does not condone or endorse these practices.

Little Sales and Marketing Training

It does not appear that Unlimited Network of Opportunities offers much in the way of training and support for its independent distributors. In order to succeed in the multi-level marketing industry, a strong background in sales and marketing is very helpful. Some multi-level marketing will provide training in these areas, but UNO does not.

The Bottom Line

Unlimited Network of Opportunities is a health and wellness network marketing company with over 9 years of experience in the industry. The company provides a range of personal care and health products to consumers worldwide.

Independent distributors have the ability to earn up to 30 percent commission on retail product sales, as well as numerous other financial incentives and bonuses. However, UNO has been accused of dubious business practices and the company places a heavy emphasis on recruitment efforts. Additionally, little sales and marketing training is provided.

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November 14th, 2016

Very good Company Profile, a helpful and an extraordinary Products for all human being and Great & Awesome Compensation Plan that are very doable for any people's walk of life........ A very Big Thanks to the creators of UNO!!!!!! More Power and God Bless us all.......(^_^)


Shoun Raydheen Faderan Sandoval

November 9th, 2016

Doable system and generous compensation plan.


Lucky Gie

November 9th, 2016

There are 10 ways to Earn and just the the basic 5 ways are already a life changing opportunity and the products are affordable and very effective. More Power to UNO ?


Ini Udom

July 31st, 2016

Great compensation plan



July 26th, 2016

The System of the company's Compensation Plan is awesome especially the 4x4x100, you will earn 40,000 US dollars in 6 mos. and unluckily those who said they loss 2000US dollars those are uneducated they are not learners and they did not study the system of this company. Congratulations to those 100 millionaires produce on this system. God bless.



April 20th, 2016

-This company forces it's members to maintain a purchase amount to qualify a commission and not getting deducted if not maintained. - IT indirectly forces people to use the products by having to maintain a minimum purchase every month. - Products are not at par with similar products in the market and the health benefits and formulation are questionable. - There seem to be no consistency and proper regulations on the quality of products as one package differs from another e.g. Nutrifab - recruiters are so cunning that they do not disclose everything to new recruits especially the accumulation of non quality products which can be pricey. - overall, this leads to financial loss especially if you are not willing to convince people with the knowledge that it will lead to compensation of products being push down their throats as opposed to monetary commission. - whoever designed this do not really think of helping mankind but getting more bucks trying to fool people. It is actually doubtful how they have been getting their ISO approvals. - I have been a victim and lost almost $2000USD. I hope others will not fall into this pyramid scam. And hopefully authorities would look into this company more carefully. No wonder they have no BBC rating!

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