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Sisel Overview

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Sarnen, Switzerland, Sisel International is a multi-level marketing company that provides personal care products and dietary supplements. Sisel International's name is an acronym that stands for the foundational principles the company upholds: science, innovation, success, energy, and longevity. The company manufactures all of its products in its own facilities and generates approximately $3.4 million in global revenue each year. 

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The Good

  • Low upfront costs
  • Compensation plan
  • Discounts
  • Signup process
  • Manufacturing

Low Upfront Costs

The cost to join Sisel International as an independent distributor is $20, which is affordable for most consumers. In additional, renewal costs are only $15 per year.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan offered by Sisel International is built on a hybrid unilevel structure. Independent distributors have the ability to earn 20 percent commissions for enrolling preferred customers. Direct commissions range from 4 to 10 percent on downline team members. The company also provides daily fast start bonuses and global bonus pools to its distributors. Bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis.


Platinum partners are eligible to receive a discount on product purchases worth more than 25 percent of the suggested retail price. In order to qualify as a platinum partner or preferred customer, a consumer must either make an automatic purchase of 50 PV each month or purchase a product worth 150 PV, which equates to roughly $50 to $150.

Signup Process

Setting up an account as a customer or enrolling as an independent distributor online is a simple process; Sisel International does not require individuals to know an already-enrolled sponsor in order to sign up. If an individual does not have a sponsor, the company will assign one. Consumers can fill out an online form that guides them through the entire process within a few minutes.


The company's product line is produced at the SupraNaturals manufacturing facility located in the United States. This facility is owned and operated by Sisel International.

The Bad

  • Owners
  • Low commissions
  • PV minimums
  • Expensive products


In 2003, Sisel International's owners were found guilty of six counts of income tax evasion, as well as conspiracy to defraud the charge from the Internal Revenue Service. The owners had allegedly set up bank accounts under their son's Social Security number to hide commission checks. They were sentenced to serve two years in federal prison after not paying personal income tax on $3.2 million. The owners were also ordered to pay fines and serve a few years under supervised release.

Prior to this charge, the owners were in legal trouble and forced to recall a weight loss product because it contained medical level doses of the prescription drug furosemide, which is a diuretic used primarily to treat edema and congestive heart failure. Furosemide is listed in the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned drug list because it is allegedly used to mask the ingestion of other drugs.

Low Commissions

Distributors only receive 2 percent commissions on the products they sell. This percentage is incredibly low, especially when compared to that of similar multi-level marketing companies. To put this in perspective, a distributor's expected revenue after selling $1,000 worth of products is estimated to be $20. Distributors are not eligible for rebates or commissions on personal orders.

PV Minimums

In order to qualify for commissions, distributors must maintain a 50 PV minimum each month. Additionally, distributors and customers are required to enroll in Sisel International's autoship program.

Expensive Products

Sisel International's products can be expensive for some consumers; product packages range from $200 to $1,000.

The Bottom Line

Sisel International is a multi-level marketing company that produces personal care products and dietary supplements in its company-owned manufacturing facility. The signup process is simple and upfront costs are low. Additionally, independent distributors can earn commissions and bonuses. However, Sisel International's commissions are much lower than industry average. In addition, distributors are required to maintain monthly PV minimums and the products are relatively expensive.

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Katie Larking

December 1st, 2016

Best products in the world in my opinion. The compensation plan actually pays 2-6 more than the industry standard when you take into account the 6 payout centers. if you just want to operate as a traditional direct sales business and not MLM you get 20% commission on preferred customers (PV) every time they order. If you are building a business it encourages you to build deep vs wide. 2% is front line on the 2nd leg it pays 8% and 3 and 4 level you get 10% commission. This encourages you to help others grow. Great right! The monthly minimum PV is only $50. This increases as you grow your business to a max of 4250 PV for a large business. There is no kit to buy so its FREE to get started with Sisel just place your first order of no minimum but to qualify for commissions it starts at 50 PV. (in Australia) I constantly get rave reviews about the products as they use the best of science and nature and as a natural fitness competitor I love the Sisel Trim line and age reversal products.



Christina Swayger

October 16th, 2016 Seymour, CT

Absolutely life changing toxin free products!! I highly recommend SISEL INTERNATIONAL's amazing products!!!!