Shaklee is a multi-level marketing company that started in 1956. The company focuses on over 200 nutritional and skin care products, dietary supplements, multivitamin mineral supplements, and home care products. Shaklee generates $844 million in global revenue per year.

The company invests over $250 million in product research to develop eco-friendly products for consumers. Shaklee has created 2,000 millionaires. The company has also paid out over $6 billion in commissions. The company performs 80,000 quality tests each year on the safety of their products.

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The Good

  • Membership Discounts
  • Positive Shaklee Product Reviews
  • Positive Distributor Shaklee Reviews
  • Money-Back Guarantee and Product Variety
  • The Shaklee Effect
  • Disclosed Incomes
  • Support and Tools

Membership Discounts

Consumers do not have to purchase memberships. However, if they would like to receive a 15–25 percent discount on their purchases, they can choose to pay for a membership.

The membership is a one-time signup fee of $19.95. They receive no other bonuses. Independent Shaklee distributors do not have to rely heavily on recruiting in order to earn a substantial income. Ninety percent of the compensation is based on sales and not on recruitments.

Positive Shaklee Product Reviews

Most reviews from customers relate a high customer satisfaction with the company's health and wellness products. Some customers state that Shaklee products have helped them improve eyesight, assist in weight loss, alleviate arthritis, and even recover quickly from surgery. Many consumers claim the dietary supplements contain high quality ingredients.

Positive Distributor Shaklee Reviews

An uncommonly high majority of representatives seem to enjoy their experience with Shaklee. Shaklee distributors appear to love the company's compensation plan and consider this a good MLM business opportunity.

One distributor described the company's solid history as the oldest and largest natural nutrition company is the United States. Distributors also point out that the benefits and incentives get better with each of the levels you achieve at the company.

Money-Back Guarantee and Product Variety

Shaklee believes in its own products so much that it backs them with a "no questions asked," 100 percent money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantees are obviously a bonus for prospective customers, but it is also a huge boon to distributors.

Shaklee distributors will find it easier to sell its products when they can offer the money-back guarantee. Shaklee provides this guarantee on all of its products, which include:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Health and Nutrition Supplements
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management Products
  • Vitamin Boost Products
  • Sports Nutrition and Performance

The Shaklee Effect

This industry-leading company is proud of what it calls the “Shaklee Effect.” This is their company mission that helps people take small daily steps towards improving their lives and the lives of those around them. The company has been a strong leader in environmental stewardship and in supporting a variety of social causes.

Their mission is to make the world a better place and to treat others with Golden Rule business ethics. Shaklee was the first company to be certified in completely offsetting carbon emissions in the environment, thereby resulting in a net zero impact environmentally. They also won another award for sustainable business practices. Their headquarters won an award for its green design.

Disclosed Incomes

Shaklee makes an effort to publish yearly income earnings. This information can readily be found on the company website. 

Top level distributors generally earn $150,000–$200,000 yearly. The company has been in business for over 50 years, which gives them a stable foothold in the health and wellness industry.

Support and Tools

Shaklee provides multiple means of support for its independent distributors. Distributors have open access to the company's Shaklee University, which provides plenty of business training materials and modules.

Distributors are provided with sponsors to guide them in building their new businesses. The company also hosts local and regional meetings and conference calls as well as corporate-sponsored training events.

The Bad

  • Issues with Former Researcher
  • Lowest Rank Earnings Undisclosed
  • Legal Issues

Issues with Former Researcher

In 2008, a Harvard anti-aging researcher submitted his resignation letter to Shaklee and quit his paid position on the scientific advisory board. Professor David Sinclair was hired to help promote syrup that could purportedly extend life spans.

However, he claimed that his name was misrepresented in digital media published from the Shaklee company in endorsing the product. The misrepresentations allegedly misused his name in ways that were not clearly part of the contract he agreed to. Shaklee denied any wrongdoing.

A company spokesperson stated that all mentions of Mr. Sinclair's name in digital media and other advertisements were pre-approved by him. Some of the online digital media were audio recordings from radio programs where Dr. Sinclair was interviewed regarding the new product. On the radio program, Dr. Sinclair could be clearly heard making those types of statements.

Lowest Rank Earnings Undisclosed

While Shaklee has released income disclosure statements, the statements for the U.S. include only reported earnings for ranks of Director and higher. Shaklee representatives begin as Associates, meaning their rank's average annual earnings are unreported in these statements. This could be concerning for those interested in this MLM and its entry-level revenue opportunity.

Shaklee's Canada income disclosure statement lists average annual earnings for Director and above, but it also mentions in the footnote that a typical participant in the Canada compensation plan makes an average of $250.27 annually.

Legal Issues

In the past 10 years, Shaklee has been involved in three legal issues. The subject material and resolution of a lawsuit can impact public opinion and possibly be symptomatic of a larger issue. Conversely, these issues may be specific to certain groups of distributors within the MLM but not indicative of a company-wide problem.

In 2012, one distributor was charged with creating a Ponzi scheme and defrauding victims of over $10 million. Shaklee suspended his distributor payments when this fraud was discovered.

In 2013, Shaklee sent a legal warning to the group Shaklee Victims United for creating defamatory remarks. The group was posting online about their negative experience with the health and wellness company, including allegations of chain recruiting and inventory loading, both FTC criteria of an illegal pyramid scheme. In response to Shaklee's lawsuit against Shaklee Victims United, a group member sued Shaklee for being a pyramid scheme.

In 2016, another company accused Shaklee of trademark infringement over the Healthprint mark. The Court favored Shaklee's defense and asserted that the possibility for customer confusion was low.

The Bottom Line

Shaklee is a well-respected leader in the health and wellness industry. The compensation plan rewards sales over recruitment efforts, which could be very beneficial to individuals who would prefer to sell products.

Success in any business is not dependent solely on the details of the opportunity itself. Research all opportunities and select the business that is right for your needs and lifestyle. Make sure you understand everything before you choose a company to work with.

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April 3rd, 2017

I have used Shaklee for 8 years or so now. I LOVE their cleaning products. 6 years ago my son dropped his soother into the bath while I was cleaning it. I rinsed it off and gave it back to him. At that moment I realized if I used Lysol or any of those kind of cleaners, I would have never done that! Its all I have used for 8 years and I don't plan to change. Their customer service is also fantastic. I ordered a product that I really didn't like, I felt bad to call and tell them I was unsatisfied but I felt I spent a lot of money on something I wasn't happy with. They were SO good about it. In the end my husband used it and didn't mind it. It just wasn't my thing.


Corrin Wilson

January 17th, 2017

The integrity of the company and the high quality of the products are why I choose shaklee! The science and research shaklee does to ensure product Safety is top notch and beyond what any other company does! They truly do care about the environment and their customers and it shows :)


Nina Greyn Stapel

December 29th, 2016 Madison, WI

Our average customer is with us for 17.5 years. So you really create longevity and security. I have been with the company for 37years


Ruth McGowen

December 14th, 2016

I am a Shaklee Distributor and have been for 15 years. I am sorry Betsy, I do not know why Dusty did not call you back. That is not the Shaklee way. Betsy if you are still needing to order products friend me on Facebook and send me a message.


Betsy Schweers

October 5th, 2016 Glenview, IL

I left a message 5 days ago saying I need to order a product. I'm not a distributor; I just want to order a particular product. No one has called me. Such poor customer we service. I left a message with Dusty someone and she never called back either. This is very bad business.


Thelma-Steve Moffett

October 4th, 2016 Shelby, NC

outstanding customer and distributor support



September 26th, 2016 Camp Hill, PA

Fantastic in every category! I am a Director in the company but I have worked with other companies before and nothing compares to the philopsohy, products or plan that Shaklee has. And has has for over 60 years! I'm not surprised! But very thankful that I can search for "negative comments" and come up with nothing. That speaks for itself!


Howard Osterman

June 27th, 2016 Millburn, NJ

Very few companies come close to the quality of Shaklee products. The research and development, quality assurance testing of the ingredients and the products, and effectiveness testing keeps their products at least equal to any products on the market and very often better than all. Been using the vitamins and protein powder for over four decades now. At times, I have distributed to some friends. The many products I use, I swear by their effectiveness. I know all products work differently on everyone. I know the ways they work best on me and when I might need a bit more of something. It's same as if sometimes needing more rest, fluids, certain foods, etc. Havent had a cold in well over thirty years. Flu symptoms have gone in little more than a day. Maybe I've just been fortunate.


Richard Brouse

June 2nd, 2016 Oregon City, OR

The high quality of research and production behind Shaklee products have allowed me to recommend them to my patients for the past 40 years. I could always trust Shaklee.


Joanne Nistico

April 4th, 2016

For over forty years I have had the great pleasure of representing this company. It's vision and mission is the golden rule and being in harmony with nature and good health. Our quality of ingredients and purity stand us apart.


Lynne Wright

March 4th, 2016 Bakersfield, CA

I use their products including the fantastic vitamins every day. People around me get sick over and over and I rarely even get a cold. Great products!


Kenneth Lee

November 9th, 2015 Berkley, MI

I have always trusted both The Shaklee Co. itself , and the independent distributors themselves, with all information, quality, price, and reliability, for over three decades. Everything and everyone can have issues with anything at anytime, that's just the human condition. I love the all-natural products, not feeling pressure from the reps. that I have had sell to me I love that their business *model* is primarily based on selling, vs. personal recruitment. I would consider them strongly, for a variety of reasons, to look into as a supplemental business income for myself. I hate the idea of being pushed into pillaging friends and family to buy or sell, to make it in a business venture. Shaklee rewards the personal efforts of good old sales and customer service, vs. relying on downline-recruitment, and constantly finding new and more distributors to maintain income. Many more good feeling and thoughtful upright things to think about with this Co.


Jadine Purdy Feiteira

October 16th, 2015 Wailuku, HI

I LOVE Shaklee's products. Love that they have been in business for over 50 years and still going.