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Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, Qivana is a health and beauty company in the multi-level marketing industry. The company distributes a line of skin care, weight loss, and nutritional supplements.

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The Good

  • Binary compensation plan
  • FDA-approved products
  • Mobile app for distributors

Binary Compensation Plan

Qivana offers six ways for its distributors to earn income through its business opportunity. The company's binary compensation plan allows distributors to earn the difference between wholesale cost and retail price as commission profit. Downline commissions are 10 percent commissions of the total sales volume of the weaker pay leg. The company also offers fast start bonuses, car bonuses, and other financial incentives. Distributors are provided with business opportunity presentations, marketing training, and a corporate lead capture page.

FDA-Approved Products

Qivana's products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. The products do not contain artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals, according to third-party testing. Additionally, all products feature an FDA Seal of Approval.

Mobile App for Distributors

Qivana provides distributors with a mobile app, which keeps track of orders, manages sales analytics, and more. The mobile app is produced by Fragmob and a only a handful of multi-level marketing companies are currently using it. The app can be customized to meet the company's unique needs and gives an added boost to distributors on the go.

The Bad

  • Company website
  • Monthly PV minimums
  • Limited training
  • No clinical trials

Company Website

Qivana's website does not provide a way to set up an account as a consumer or to sign up as a distributor. The company also does not disclose startup or product costs on its website.

Monthly PV Minimums

In order to earn team commissions, distributors are required to maintain a 100 PV minimum on a monthly basis. Additionally, they must have a sales volume of 500 PV or greater in the weaker pay leg of the binary structure. Active business owners must be enrolled on each side of the distributor's downline binary tree.

Limited Training

The health and beauty industry is a highly saturated, competitive market and Qivana only offers limited sales training for its independent distributors. Individuals who are successful in the multi-level marketing industry typically have a strong background in sales and marketing. Distributors who do not have experience in these areas may choose to seek out additional business education or other opportunities.

No Clinical Trials

Qivana does not provide any scientific evidence or clinical trial results on its corporate website, so there is no solid proof that the company's products have more benefits than nutritional supplements that can be purchased over the counter at a drugstore or supermarket.

The Bottom Line

Qivana is a nutritional supplements company that has over seven years of experience. The company offers a binary compensation plan and a mobile app to help distributors keep track of things. However, Qivana only provides limited training and requires its distributors to hit monthly PV minimums in order to be eligible for commissions.

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jennifer smith

July 13th, 2016 Ballwin, MO

Qivana is processed, has high sugar content, and is NOT NATURAL like they spout off. Folic acid is not natural. Nor is cyanocobalamin. They can in fact be dangerous to many due to one's genetic profile, even up to 45% of the world population. Eat natural, organic foods, not processed garbage and sugar!