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Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) is a health and wellness company that offers nutritional supplements for people and pets. Q Sciences was launched in 2013 by Daren Hogge, who currently serves as President and CEO. Daren has 35 years experience in the Networking Marketing industry. Co-founders Marc Wilson, Colby Greene, Monet Montemayor, and Nick Evans assist with business operations at the corporate level.

The privately-owned company states it has served over 80,000 customers with its product line. The company's headquarters are based out of Pleasant Grove, Utah. Q Sciences generates $5 million in global revenue annually and employs less than 50 people.

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The Good

  • High quality
  • Compensation and bonuses
  • Business tools
  • Perks and Bonuses

High-Quality Supplements

The company's flagship product is EMPowerplus Q96 supplements. These were designed to promote mental acuity and well-being through a balance of micronutrients essential to brain function and development. The proprietary formula consists of 36 vitamins and minerals. The formula has been observed in clinical trials by 41 research scientists at 16 countries located across 4 countries. The formula is also backed by 25 published studies.

Compensation and Bonuses

The company calls its compensation plan the Qx eXponential Infinity Plan. This unique plan offers multiple ways for new recruits to earn a decent income. Independent business owners sell products at retail prices for commissions and can purchase products for themselves at wholesale cost. They also have the ability to earn products free of charge with the 3PC=Free and Amor Programs. Other financial bonuses and incentives include:

  • Team of 3 Bonus
  • Power 30 Bonus Pool
  • Customer Sales Bonus
  • Quick Start Bonus
  • Generational Matching Bonus
  • Travel Rewards Program
  • Car Program
  • Lifestyle Bonuses: Monthly Car Allowance, Debt Reduction Plan, Health Insurance Bonus

Business Tools

The cost for an individual to join Q Sciences as an independent business owner is $49.95 for the purchase of a Business Activation Kit. The kit includes a personal website and web office, a ProPay card for commission payments, a company welcome pack, and a pack of EMPowerplus Q96 supplements. Business Activation Kit fee is waived with an initial order of 1500 PV (approximately $1500 USD). Independent business owners are required to earn a minimum of 240 PV monthly and are given a wide selection of business training and support materials to help them grow their new businesses. Independent distributors are not required to be on the company's autoship program as long as they are willing to place a qualifying order to ensure they are eligible to receive earned commissions.

Perks for Preferred Customers

Preferred customers are given the ability to enjoy wholesale pricing with enrollment in the monthly autoship program. These customers also qualify for both the free product programs and can earn redeemable points for future purchases. These preferred customers will also receive special offers and discounts as they become available through the company. Orders can be customized to fit a customer's unique needs.

The Bad

  • Requirements
  • Bad press


Independent distributors must earn a minimum of 240 PV monthly through customer orders or by personal purchase in order to receive commissions. This number is pretty high when compared to other similar companies in the marketplace. Starter Packs are also expensive at $149.95-$449.95, depending on the option chosen.

Bad Press

Q Sciences has received some bad press. An online story in 2013 from Salt Lake City Weekly reported a distributor making exaggerated claims about the product at a charity walk event hosted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The distributor claimed the products are suitable to treat any mental illness a consumer might have. She claimed that the Q Sciences product was a vitamin supplement that can replace an individual's prescribed medication and cited her husband and nine-year-old son as success stories.

Numerous supporters of the supplement have boasted the same claim. There are no randomized and controlled tests that have demonstrated the supplement's efficacy. However, company founders have cited a number of powerful testimonials and research studies.

The product has caused damage in the lives of some people due to these unsubstantiated claims. For example, the parents of a 27-year-old man took their son off of his schizophrenia medication in 2011 and replaced it with the EMPowerplus formula. The young man subsequently bludgeoned his parents with a wrench while they were in bed, killing the father and severely injuring the mother. The young man told the media that he believed his parents were aliens and needed to make sure they were dead.

The FDA cannot say anything in regards to the product because it is a supplement. This means that the product cannot be marketed as a drug to treat mental illness. CEO Daren Hogge was upset after hearing the news regarding the distributor's claim and stated in an email that the woman would be suspended if the allegations were determined to be true.

The Bottom Line

Q Sciences is a health and wellness company that makes and delivers nutritional supplements for people and pets. The privately-owned company's founder has 35 years experience in the Networking Marketing industry. New recruits can earn a decent income in a multitude of ways and the company offers a variety of unique financial incentives and bonuses. Distributors and customers can earn free products. So far, the company has generated $5 million in global sales revenue and has served over 80,000 consumers worldwide.

Starter Packs can be expensive depending on the option chosen and independent distributors must earn a minimum of 240 PV monthly. The company is new to the industry and its legitimacy is yet to remain proven. Consumers are advised to investigate the company thoroughly for themselves and proceed with caution before deciding to invest as a new independent distributor.

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Carlos V.

March 20th, 2016 Lee, MA

I have tried the Q96 Supplement for anxiety and mild depression, OMG This stuff is Amazing!!! It makes You feel happy and in a good mood ! Their weight management shake is awesome and tasty as well ! Great business opportunity because of not being in a saturated market ! Great company with very friendly staff !