PURE, People United Reaching Everyone, is a multi-level marketing company that sells health and wellness products. It focuses on helping people develop physical and financial health and find purpose.

PURE Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are paid weekly based on sales commission and can earn additional bonuses based on a binary tree.

PURE start-up costs are high and its products are expensive. Some of its well-known products include the Green Coffee Bean weight management supplement, the Live Pure Beauty five-step skincare system, and its Daily Build multivitamin.

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The Good

  • Consultant Payment Plan
  • 2019 Bonuses and Incentives
  • Business Tools

Consultant Payment Plan

PURE IBOs are paid weekly and earn money based on a binary hybrid plan.

IBOs earn 25 percent commission from retail customers and 5 percent commission from preferred customers. Preferred customers use PURE’s autoship program to purchase and ship more products.

On top of their commission earnings, IBOs can receive five kinds of bonuses:

  • Sponsor Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Generation Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Lifestyle Bonus

To qualify for the bonuses, IBOs must be active. Active IBOs have a Personal Volume of 100 per 28 days. Personal Volume is based on the points associated with the products IBOs sell.

The Sponsor Bonus provides an IBO with 10 percent of PV of all orders submitted by sponsored IBOs during their first 90 days. This bonus can be as high as $400.

The Team Bonus is available for IBOs with a Bronze Director rank or higher. For each side of an IBO’s binary tree with a minimum of 500 PV, IBOs can earn 10 percent of the PV generated by their sponsored IBOs and the IBOs they sponsor. The value can be up to $12,500 per week. Unused PV rolls over to the next period.

The Generation Bonus is based on how many IBOs you sponsor and how many IBOs they sponsor. IBOs who are active Gold Directors earn 7 percent of the total team bonuses earned in your group.

The Leadership Bonus is available for the following ranks:

  • Diamond — 1 share
  • Blue Diamond — 2 shares
  • Presidential Black Diamond — 3 shares
  • Chairman Black Diamond — 4 shares
  • Ambassador Black Diamond — 6 shares
  • Crown Diamond — 10 shares

Qualifying IBOs can earn a certain number of shares of the three percent Total Company Volume weekly.

The Lifestyle Bonus is earned by maintaining rank for two or more weeks per month. The Lifestyle Bonus cannot be earned if an IBO receives a Leadership Bonus.

  • Gold Director — $300 per month
  • Platinum Director — $500 per month
  • Sapphire Executive — $750 per month
  • Ruby Executive — $900 per month
  • Emerald Executive — $1,100 per month

PURE rank advancement is based on Personal Volume generated.

2019 Bonuses and Incentives

For 2019, PURE is offering the following additional bonuses and incentives:

  • PURE Enrollment Bonus (PEB)
  • PURE Rank Bonus
  • PURE Autoship Rewards (PAR)
  • Free Autoship Program
  • Incentive Trips

The Enrollment Bonus is earned by sponsoring IBOs or through qualifying customer purchases. The minimum PV required is 2,000 PV. For qualifying purchases of 500 PV, IBOs earn a $75 bonus. For qualifying purchases of 1,500 PV, IBOs earn a $300 bonus.

The PURE Rank Bonus is earned by advancing to a new, higher rank. The eligible ranks are Platinum Director to Crown Diamond. The bonuses are between $1,000 and $250,000.

PURE Autoship Rewards allows IBOs to generate points that can be used for free products. The program also includes special offers each month.

The Free Autoship Program allows IBOs to earn free products when retail and preferred customers use the autoship program for orders and delivery.

IBOs can also earn trips like cruises or going abroad. The trips for 2019 were a Bermuda cruise and a trip to Maui. The qualifications for each trip vary and can be viewed on PURE’s website.

Business Tools

PURE IBOs have access to a mobile app that allows them to sell products on the go. IBOs can also use LIVE PURE PRO to increase their marketing effectiveness and manage contacts.

IBOs can also receive discounts for printed business materials like business cards from VistaPrint.

The Bad

  • High Startup Cost
  • Bonuses Subject to Change Year to Year
  • Majority of IBOs Receive No Compensation

High Startup Cost

PURE charges an enrollment fee of $25. This fee gives IBOs access to a personal website, personalized mobile back office, marketing materials and online training tools, and the PURE App. New IBOs also need to purchase an Enrollment Pack. IBOs can choose from five Enrollment Packs:

  • Be Fulfilled (IBO Price: $1,899.95, Retail Price: $2,533.95)
  • Ultimate Detox (IBO Price: $1,899.95, Retail Price: $2,533.95)
  • Be Healthy (IBO Price: $699.95, Retail Price: $933.95)
  • Detox Plus (IBO Price: $699.95, Retail Price: $933.95)
  • Be Fit (IBO Price: $699.95, Retail Price: $933.95)

However, there is a cheaper option. IBO's can purchase the Core 4 pack (IBO Price: $139.95, Retail Price: $186.95).

Bonuses Subject to Change Year to Year

Bonuses may change year to year. This includes the PURE Enrollment Bonus (PEB), PURE Rank Bonus, PURE Autoship Rewards (PAR), Free Autoship Program, and Incentive Trips, which may be discontinued in future years. The benchmark for qualification and destinations may change year to year.

Majority of IBOs Receive No Compensation

PURE published a report of IBO earnings between October 2016–September 2017. While a little dated, the information provided gives potential PURE distributors a sense of their earnings.

Most of PURE’s active distributors are ranked IBO, Bronze, and Silver; they constitute about 75% of active IBOs. These IBOs earn between $30 and $2,244 per week. 

However, active distributors only constitute about 7% of the business. That means that around 93% of IBOs received no income.

The weekly earnings range for higher levels are as follows:

Gold Director: $229–$2,680
Platinum Director: $455–$3,895
Sapphire Director: $826–$6,471
Ruby Director: $1,079–$8,611
Emerald Director: $1,688–$9,747
Diamond Director: $3,267–$19,483
Blue Diamond Director: $5,637–$34,877
All Black Diamond Ranks: $7,419–$51,890

Those earning the highest per week have been active with PURE for between 102 and 180 months.

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The Bottom Line

While PURE IBOs can earn a lot weekly, the startup costs are high. If you are confident about your ability to be effective and like PURE’s product, it can be a good choice for you.

However, there are other multi-level marketing companies with lower startup costs and less risk.

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