Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Allen, Texas, Paycation is a multi-level marketing travel club that provides premier travel-related services. The company generates less than $1 million in global revenue each year.

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The Good

  • Three ways to join
  • Training
  • Commissions

Three Ways to Join

Paycation offers three ways for consumers to join the business opportunity. For $40, an individual can join Paycation as an Independent Associate and receive a Travel Club membership and the ability to receive residual commissions on personal and team member sales. Independent Associates also receive their own personalized website and back office. For $99.95, and an individual can become a Referral Travel Consultant and be eligible for tax benefits.

These consultants also receive their own personalized website and back office, plus a travel booking portal. Referral Travel Consultants are eligible to receive 65 percent commissions on booked travel referred to their own portal and 20 percent commissions on travel referred to the corporate department.

These consultants can also qualify for leadership bonuses. Referral Travel Consultants who pass a certification exam and pay $149.95 become Certified Travel Consultants. Paycation provides all the training that individuals need in order to pass the certification exam.

Certified Travel Consultants receive everything included in the Referral Travel Consultant packages and work directly with top travel suppliers. Commissions at this level are 75 percent on all travel booked directly and 20 percent on travel referrals to the corporate office.


Paycation works with Xstream Travel, which is a licensed and bonded travel agency that has been in the industry for over 12 years, to train its consultants. Additionally, Paycation is led by an experienced team of executives who are dedicated to helping the company succeed.


Distributors receive weekly commissions on personal sales and for recruiting others to join the business opportunity. There is no limit on the number of team members that can be enrolled. Other financial incentives include coded bonuses, residual coded bonuses, business builder bonuses, and 3x7 matrix residual bonuses.

The Bad

  • Unclear distributor earnings
  • Reliance on recruitment
  • Sales requirements
  • Lack of experience

Unclear Distributor Earnings

Paycation does not provide an income disclosure statement on its corporate website to show the earnings of its independent distributors. However, the company does require consultants to pay an annual renewal fee of $40. Distributors are also required to pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $29.95 to $59.95, depending on the level of enrollment.

Reliance on Recruitment

Paycation's compensation play relies heavily on the recruitment of others into the business opportunity, which is typically not a sustainable long-term model. The company pays $15 for the matching check bonus to the first two Referral Consultants and Certified Travel Consultants in the downline. After that, the company pays the full 100 percent coded match bonus on all levels for Referral and Certified Travel Consultants.

Sales Requirements

Paycation requires its agents to earn $5,000 in commissions and travel within 12 months before being considered eligible to receive certification. According to the company, this requirement is in place to protect the integrity of agents and suppliers in the travel industry who have established and vetted themselves over time with a booking history.

Lack of Experience

The company has not been in the travel industry for very long. Statistically, most multi-level marketing companies typically fail within the first 5 years once the initial growth spike wanes and the market becomes saturated. Paycation has yet to prove itself as a reputable and financially stable multi-level marketing company.

The Bottom Line

Paycation is a multi-level marketing company that offers discount travel services and support from partner agencies. The company offers three ways to join the business opportunity and provides extensive training to its consultants. Distributors have the ability to earn up to 75 percent commissions on travel booked through their own personalized websites and travel portals. However, Paycation places a heavy emphasis on recruitment and only has a couple of years of experience under its belt.

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November 16th, 2017 Atlanta, GA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Well apparently the overall review above done by this site is soooo outdated and incorrect. I have been with Paycation Travel since 5/2014 and still am and can say that it has been nothing short of an amazing ride for me. It not only has paid my a residual income since 7/2014 and every single month after AND pays EARLY EACH AND EVERY MONTH since I've been in. Travel commissions take a bit longer to receive due to the policy of receiving payment after the customer travels and the vendor pays out however I have ALWAYS received my travel commissions. Now besides the great extra f/t income on a p/t basis that I am earning I can say that the most priceless part of this experience are the relationships created and the self development is absolutely AMAZING and I won't even discuss the tax benefits that I am able to take advantage of just for being a home based business. The fact that I can write off a portion of all the bills that I HAVE TO PAY each month ANYWAY is absolutely stupendous and I love the tax breaks and last but not least the TRAVELING that I am now doing every year since joining at not only wholesale prices and I am able to write off my travel at 100% as well means I am traveling for free or I am able to earn on my own travel as well when I book through myself.. Whomever that says that Paycation did not work for them did not work their business.

LaVonda Thornton
October 26th, 2016 Houston, TX

Takes forever to get your travel commissions. They make you confirm they received the payment, send them proof, then they release the check. No issues on the compensation side except one month they forgot to pay my $600 lifestyle bonus corrected the mistake immediately. No transparency they do not show how much they actually receive in order to finding if you actually receive 75% the fees are more than they say. In addition to monthly fees you must pay $5 to receive your money. That was an extra $30 a month for me, the weekly checks, residual check, and lifestyle bonus.

Denisha Choice
August 23rd, 2016 New York, NY

I joined this business earlier in the year and I can excitedly say this business has challenged me and allowed me to increase my income in so short of a time. I no longer stress about bills because I have residual check on the 15th of every month. The compensation plan is the best in the business because we get recognized for marketing the business to other people and we get paid for that. MLM gets a bad rep because people don't want to work this like a legit business. every business is a hustle just pick one that works for you and build your success.

Rosie G
March 4th, 2016

I have been a IBO Travel Consultant with Paycation for 15 months now - I have found the support/training/1:1 Coaching/mentoring outweighs the cost of the initial joining fee and the monthly fee which since having followed the process I have not paid out of my personal bank account but this is covered month after month via my Paycation commissions and this is just x1 of the multiple income streams that I personal have seen - MLM be it Paycation or any other company the person making the decision to join needs to have a long term vision as no MLM opportunity happens to produce the 7figure salaries over night - it takes time - it takes ongoing referrals and most of all it takes - BELiEF and honest to others this is way I'm most defnitely "StickingNStaying" with Paycation which now has been running as the marketing arm of Xstream Travel the official Licenced & Bonded company whom created Paycation. I do believe that Xstream has now been going for over 14years. Also so what if David Manning failed in his previous ventures - Richard Branson and others also "Failed" but that doesn't stop us from book our Virgin flights.

Angela Campos
October 14th, 2015

THis company is changing my life. I am now a travel agent and can not only book holidays and travel for others but also get unbelievable discounts for myself. The compensation plan is the best I've ever seen.

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