Pangea Organics is a holistic skin care and cosmetics company in the health and wellness industry founded in 2006 by Joshua Onysko in Boulder, Colorado. The word Pangea comes from two Greek words that roughly translates to "whole earth."

The name is based on the philosophy that as Mother Earth aged, she broke apart and created the seven continents we are familiar with today. The founder created the company to unite the continents into one effective whole and this vision drives the company's current goals.

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The Good

  • Organic Products
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Commissions

Organic Products

The company's product line consists of 100 percent natural ingredients. The product packaging is made completely from recycled materials and includes herb seeds the customer can plant and grow in their own gardens. The entire product line is certified organic. In order to be certified as organic, the products must meet the minimum standard of 70 percent organic content.


All of Pangea's products are also gluten-free, except for the Oatmeal Bergamot Bar Soap which celiacs will need to avoid. These bars contain possible blow-by contaminants from nearby wheat fields.

The company's Vitamin E is sourced from either soy or sunflower, and not from wheat germs. The company's skin care products are hypoallergenic for all skin types; and can be used safely by pregnant women and children under 12.

However, people can still develop an allergic reaction to certain plant botanicals and the products should not be used on newborn infants until the umbilical cords falls off and circumcisions are completely healed.


Distributors host parties called Happy Hours to sell products and earn commissions and recruit others.

New distributors are provided with a business tool kit with training materials and a sponsor to help them grow their direct sales businesses. Starting commissions are 15 percent and can grow up to 35 percent.

Success with the company will depend on the amount of time and effort an individual is willing to make. In order to receive the full company benefits, the company requires its distributors to sell a minimum of $800 worth of retail products within a 12-month period.

The Bad

  • Customer Complaints
  • Lack of Training

Customer Complaints

One minor complaint consumers have is that the products do not contain any anti-aging ingredients. Some product ingredients may cause an allergic reaction for certain consumers.

Customers with these concerns should read the ingredient list carefully and test the product on a small area of skin first to test for any possible reactions. Individuals with medical conditions may want to consult their family physician first before using the product.

The product kits are expensive for some consumers at prices ranging from $99-$599.

Lack of Training

Multi-level marketing companies rely on recruitment tactics generally targeted to a new recruit's family and friends.

The overwhelming problem is that most marketing training stops there and does not teach new distributors how to generate leads well with a colder market.

The generosity of family and friends to purchase products only goes so far. Without a stronger marketing plan in place, new recruits are destined to eventually fail without extra help.

It is a good idea for new distributors to seek additional help in business, sales, and marketing training as soon as possible if they desire to move quickly up the ranking scale. Multi-level marketing companies have developed the reputation of being pyramid schemes or scams over the years due to bad business practices employed by untrained distributors.

Some consumers will generally shy away from any products associated with these types of companies. This makes selling a major obstacle for new distributors to overcome effectively and the new business owner may have the tendency to give up too quickly as a result.

The added factor that a new recruit can generate money quickly with little effort adds further strain. No successful business is developed without self-sacrifice, self-discipline, and a lot of hard work.

Individuals interested in becoming a business owner through these types of companies need to do their due diligence before signing any contract.

The potential opportunity must be thoroughly scrutinized and evaluated to determine whether or not it fits with the person's financial budget, time constraints, and overall lifestyle. The product must be one the individual can passionately believe in and be proud to promote.

The Bottom Line

Pangea Organics is a holistic skin care and cosmetics company with a product line consisting of 100 percent natural ingredients. The eco-friendly company generates $5-$10 million in global revenue annually. Distributors host parties in order to earn commissions and recruit others into the business opportunity.

Startup costs are affordable and renewal fees can be paid either monthly or annually. Some product ingredients may cause an allergic reaction for certain consumers. The starting commission is on the low end of the spectrum, but can be built up over time. The company does appear to be a reputable and legitimate business opportunity. However, individuals are encouraged to investigate the matter thoroughly before making an investment into the company as a new independent distributor.

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