Oriflame is a network marketing beauty and skincare company that originated in Sweden in 1967. Today, the company operates in over 60 countries and has 8,000 employees. Oriflame sells its cosmetic product line on the internet and through independent sales consultants. Oriflame has over 50 websites that are customized for each country's local currency and shipping charges. Oriflame websites are not functional in the United States.

United States citizens can use the UK website, which features U.S. currency and internationally ships to citizens of North America. Oriflame operates by a set of unique core values that fuels their mission as a company. Oriflame states that these core values are what gives their company the confidence to succeed in a highly-competitive industry while at the same time making a positive impact on the world at large. The core values they stand by are togetherness, spirit, and passion.

Oriflame independent consultants and employees are people with winning attitudes who motivate one another to succeed and make the world a better place.

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The Good

  • Compensation Plan and Other Advantages
  • Natural and Vegan Products
  • Training and Support

Compensation Plan and other Advantages

Independent sales consultants share Oriflame cosmetics and skin care products through home demonstration parties and online through websites. The compensation plan awards recruiting more independent consultants higher than that of selling the company's products. There is no cost to join. There is also no inventory or minimum order requirements. Payments are taken for orders once placed in the customers' hands. Oriflame also has other great incentives and bonuses in place as well.

Natural and Vegan Products

Oriflame claims to use natural ingredients combined with the latest technology. The company states that none of their ingredients or products are tested on animals. The company also states they do not use ingredients that contain anything derived from dead animals.

Training and Support

Oriflame provides full training and support to its independent consultants. The company provides written marketing and sales support material that can be downloaded from the consultant's website. They can also build their own custom home pages. The company also provides a Training and Beauty Academy. Oriflame also gives consultants discounts on certain products. The company has also given away a free car and runs competitions to win holiday vacations. Consultants are also invited to attend the annual company conference that awards and recognizes top earners.

The Bad

  • International Struggles
  • International Shipping Charges
  • Low Commissions

International Struggles

One of the difficult issues that Oriflame has had to work around is the international beliefs of women in the workforce. Since Oriflame is a cosmetic and skin care company, its products appeal to women. But not all countries support businesses being operated by women. Once such example is an incident that occurred in Tehran in 2010. An Oriflame business office was forcibly shut down under the reasons it was operating as an illegal business model. The business was portrayed as a political supporter of the government's opposition because Oriflame believed in equal rights for men and women.

International Shipping Charges

Another problem for Oriflame is that they have a technical problem with being able to provide websites to the citizens located in the United States. There is no reason given as to why. Consumers who live in this area must shop through the UK site and pay international shipping charges. The websites featured in other countries are decent enough but appear dated. There is little information regarding the business opportunity through Oriflame available on these websites.

Low Commissions

Most of the selling appears to be offline through catalogs, which must be purchased monthly. Commissions and incentives are incredibly low by this industry's standards. Payouts to independent consultants are also incredibly low. Distributors get paid $99 on selling $1,000 worth of product line. This does not appear to be a lucrative business venture for a person looking to earn a full-time income.

The Bottom Line

For consumers located in the United States region, Oriflame is not an ideal health and beauty company as a customer or as an independent consultant. The support from the company is just not available for this region of the world and the international shipping costs are more expensive than what consumers would find locally. Consumers might find better business opportunities and products for the cosmetic industry through one of Oriflame's many competitors.

The difficulty in being able to find adequate information regarding the company suggests caution be advised. The compensation plan's payouts and bonuses appear to be extremely low in the industry. Independent consultants struggle to make a full-time income with this business venture. We would not recommend Oriflame at this time.

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Khalil Mosleh

June 23rd, 2017

Oriflame Nigeria ..............................POOR , VERY VERY POOR. DELAY IN REPLYING EMAILS, NUMBERS CANT BE REACHED . Delay in receiving products... unbelievable .



May 5th, 2017

Some of the best products I have tried and the best corporate attitude I have experienced!



September 13th, 2016

I joined after seeing an ad that promised "no targets, no deadlines, lots of free products". All complete rubbish. The area manager would message at all hours hassling me asking what orders I'd got - which were none despite doing several catalogue drops. My first and only order was stuff for myself and my mum which came to about £80. This was immediately blocked and my account on hold as I apprently had a £75 credit limit which no one bothered to tell me about. So I had to spend over 30 mins on the phone to the service centre, had to pay for everything up front (no reputable MLM company makes you do this and most have a much higher credit limit). Because my order was so high in my first couple of weeks I was promised several FREE gifts from my manager. I never got these and was told in order to get them I had to place another order for £65 or over. So not free then...... The final straw was receiving 5 messages within 2 hours from a "manager" demanding everyone in the team puts an order through for 20 bonus points by the end if the day "even if it's just something for yourself" all so she could hit a target of having her team achieve 1200 bp for which she received a nice little bonus and her TEAM got nothing. Again, no decent company advises you just order stuff fir the sake of it to hit targets. You're supposed to making money, not spending it with them. The products are nothing special. My mum had a reaction to most of the creams she bought and the make up looks and feels worse than the stuff you can buy from a supermarket cheaper. I would say avoid this company and join one of the more established and reputable MLM companies because everything you get promised from Oriflame, never happens.


Soumyashree Pattnaik

August 9th, 2016

I have been a consultant for a few months now and I love everything about Oriflame! They have some pretty good products. I found the quality, price range, packaging and the offers very attractive. Apart from that their customer service is quite impressive. The only suggestion I have to give is that they should try and make sure that all their products are in stock.


Lyndz Lou

April 4th, 2016

I absolutely love this company they produce such good quality items for all members of the family the website interface is really easy to use and they are very professional towards new customers and clientel Kind regards L williams



April 4th, 2016

Brilliant products in every range. Skin care to die for. Hair mouse best iv ever used. Love love oriflame



April 4th, 2016

I love the skin care range it's fantastic my skin has never been in such good condition.


Diane mills

April 4th, 2016

I Love and use oriflames products myself and have done for many years, they are a fantastic company and always think about the customer needs and wants and provide excellent support to their consultants.


Meg Strickland

April 4th, 2016

love the products!! quality and affordable


Denise Bartram

April 4th, 2016

I have bought several products from Oriflame and was quite surprised at the brilliant quality of them when the prices were so low :D


Maka shu chi

August 6th, 2015

Wastage of money and time.

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