With the goal of producing the most effective wellness solutions in the world, Nikken was created by Isamu Masuda in 1975. The first Nikken product created was the Magstep focused on solving the problem of sore feet and body fatigue. Nikken eventually expanded to North America in 1988 and has since grown to countries around the world such as Guatemala and El Salvador. Masuda's philosophy is that total wellness relies on the following: healthy body, mind, family, society, and finances. These five factors are called the five pillars of health at Nikken. He felt that Nikken was the answer to helping people establish a healthy balance in life while handling the pressures of daily living.

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The Good

  • Training
  • Scholarship


The wellness-focused company provides different training opportunities for its distributors which can be especially helpful to first-time distributors. Distributors also have the option of participating in Nikken University Training. Through Nikken University, distributors will have access to the following:

  • Silver Training
  • Humans Being More Training
  • Gold Training
  • Nikken University Online
  • ABC One-on-One

ABC One-on-One is designed to help distributors get the most out of their prospects with coaching. Nikken coaches will help distributors learn the skills they need to make effective calls and presentations. Through ABC One-on-One, distributors will be able to role-play different scenarios and learn to accomplish their financial goals.


As part of fulfilling Nikken's five pillars of health, independent consultants in good standing at the silver rank or above will have access to the Toshizo Watanabe Foundation. Founded by Toshizo Watanabe, the scholarship total of $10 million will be awarded to recipients on different factors such as:

  • Financial need
  • Prior academic performance and recognition
  • Recommendations from instructors and colleagues
  • Community involvement

Recipients of the scholarship may be awarded a scholarship for all or a portion of their tuition bill. The foundation hopes to assist students in their pursuit of higher education where they can learn, grow, and move forward to a better future.

The Bad

  • Glassdoor ratings
  • Signup cost
  • Lacks scientific advisory board

Poor Glassdoor Ratings

Nikken's Glassdoor ratings are among the worst when it comes to employee satisfaction. Here are the rating trends on Glassdoor from both current and former Nikken employees:

  • 3.5 out of 5 stars employee satisfaction
  • 45 percent would recommend Nikken to a friend
  • 51 percent approve of CEO Kurt H. Fulle

A former employee felt that Nikken operates like it's still the 1990s and tends to lack innovation and strategy. The same employee also noted that teamwork is discouraged within the direct sales company.

Signup Cost

Potential distributors who are interested in direct sales companies but have a low budget may need to consider a different company to achieve their health and financial goals. Nikken's signup cost is $99, which is higher than many other multi-level marketing companies.

Lacks Scientific Advisory Board

Not only is Nikken's signup cost higher than other direct sales companies, but it also lacks a scientific advisory board which other health focused companies have. People who choose Nikken may not have the reassurance they could have from companies who do have a scientific advisory board. Nikken does not have an established team of well-recognized doctors and researchers to verify Nikken's claims of product effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

Nikken's promises to help people achieve financial security and gain freedom as an independent consultant are based on how successful you can be through its multi-level marketing model. Unlike other multi-level marketing companies focused on improving the health of people through their products, Nikken lacks a scientific advisory board. Nikken has a 51 percent approval rating for its CEO. Only 45 percent of Nikken employees would recommend Nikken to friend which is not very impressive. We recommend considering a multi-level marketing company with a lower sign-up fee and an established research team. Although Nikken may have been around for a while, Nikken may not be the best fit for you.

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Maggie McKee
November 6th, 2015

I have been a consultant with Nikken since 1995 and have found tremendous support to achieve my goals in all of the 5 Pillars of Health. As a privately held company, NIkken has maintained a 5A1 rating indicating its financial stability and its ongoing success. Contrary to the statement above, we do have a scientific advisory board which is currently expanding. In addition to Dr.Russell Foster from Oxford University we also have Dr. Narain Naidu whose biographies are extensive and impressive. As a former college professor, I am proud to have left that profession to become a full time professional consultant with Nikken - a very worthwhile and rewarding career.

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