Morinda is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company founded in 1995. Its flagship product in known globally as Tahitian Noni Juice. Morinda differentiates itself from others in the same industry with its strategic concept of managing the way the human body ages patented by the company as TruAge. The company states its mission is "to bless the whole earth with the natural goodness of earth's best-helping people live younger, longer-as we tell the story of lives transformed." The company headquarters are located in American Fork, Utah. The company also has dozens of other offices all around the world. Global revenue generated by Morinda averages around $450 million annually.

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The Good

  • Simple to start
  • Scientific advisory board
  • Philanthropic efforts
  • Education and support

Simple to Start

Joining the Morinda opportunity has a low barrier of entry for people looking to start their own businesses. To become an independent distributor you simply purchase a starter kit for $35. Affiliates earn money through a personal rebate system plus bonuses. Bonuses get larger as more products are sold.  For example, if you sell more than 25 TruAge packs in a month, the bonus you will receive is $42 per pack sold.

Morinda has paid out close to $3 billion in commissions and bonuses. Morinda has a presence in over 90 markets around the world. The company is a world leader in the industry of bioactive beverages.

Scientific Advisory Board

Morinda employs a team of doctors, scientists, and researchers on its Scientific Advisory Board. The company has spent more than $125 million on product development and research. One product they developed is called Tahitian Noni Juice Max that works to balance the cycles of the human body. The company also developed a certified research device called the TruAge scanner that supposedly estimates how old the systems inside the body are in less than 12 seconds.

The company has also developed a Fit Body Composition System that helps people lose weight and get healthy. The scientific team of researchers and scientists have also developed skin care formulas that targets the causes of aging skin. They have also developed an innovative line of wound protection and care.

Philanthropic Efforts

Morinda also gives back to the islands of Tahiti and its people with its Do Something Good Initiative. The company provides textbooks and scholarships to local students. They also aim to improve lives in the orphanages as well as providing worldwide humanitarian aid. 100 percent of all donations received go to aid these objectives.

Education and Support

The company provides a wide array of support services for its independent distributors. The company offers written training materials, product videos, and educational articles. The company also supports its affiliates with frequent monthly meetings. Distributors also receive a sponsor to guide them in starting their own businesses.

The Bad

  • Lack of clinical studies
  • Controversy
  • Expensive products
  • Requirements
  • Challenges

No Clinical Studies

Morinda bases its cosmetic and nutritional products on extracts from the noni plant, which is a small evergreen tree. The noni plant has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. However, there are no specific clinical studies that support its beneficial claim. According to Web MD, use of the noni plant may lead to kidney or liver damage.


Morinda has had some controversy in the past. In 1998, a court case was filed against Morinda in regards to the company making unsubstantiated claims concerning their products' health benefits. Morinda was then known as Tahitian Noni International. The unsubstantiated claims made by Morinda resulted in the flagship beverage being labeled as an unapproved new drug under state and federal laws.

The case was resolved by Morinda agreeing to change the contents of its advertising. Morinda also agreed to refund the full purchase price paid for the product to any consumer who requested a refund in writing. Morinda also agreed to pay investigative costs totaling $100,000. The company rebranded itself from Tahitian Noni International to Morinda Bioactives in 2010.

Expensive Products

Certain products can be quite expensive. High-end products, such as TruAge Max and Tahitian Noni Juice, are targeted towards wealthy clientele. However, they do offer beverages that are more affordable. These less expensive beverages are highly diluted with regular fruit juice.


While joining the Morinda business opportunity may be inexpensive, maintaining the membership monthly gets a little pricey. Distributors are required to maintain a $120 per month product volume. Distributors are also required to be on an Auto-ship Program, which may be difficult to cancel or maintain for some people.


As with any serious involvement with a multi-level or direct selling company available, growing a business can be difficult for some people who do not have strong marketing skills. Independent distributors need to develop a strong plan of effective networking that reaches beyond the initial list of close family and friends. Since the nutritional product line targets a wealthier clientele, individuals who do not fit this description might have a tougher time in the industry despite the low cost of entry.

The Bottom Line

The Morinda business opportunity best fits middle-class or wealthier persons interested in starting a business in the health and nutrition industry. Overall, the company has a strong and stable history. Since it has built its company around a consumable product, it makes for an excellent business model for someone with strong marketing skills. Other than one legal action taken against Morinda for its advertising, the company has since held to high ethical standards regarding its business practice. As with any business, research the opportunity thoroughly before signing any contracts to make sure the business is right for you and your needs.

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Dennis Mason
December 21st, 2016 Georgetown, TX

I felt that the overall review for Morinda and it's related line of products was fair. I disagree on the point that the products appeal to a mostly upscale market. We have many customers and IPC's who have been loyal to the brand for many years, and they find a way to budget enough money to buy one case of Tahitian Noni Juice each month. This may be because the products work so well that it would be a true hardship to give up the products. The company did have to deal with some bad publicity in it's first few years both because of claims made by distributors/IPSc as the time, but as you stated, Morinda is a company with high ethical standards and are continuing to fund research to bring new products to market that will enhance the lives of it's customers.

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