Moja Works is a direct sales natural products company based in Springville, Utah. The company was founded in 2011 by Jonathan and Jennifer Reid in order to support their family and the growing chemical-free movement. Jonathan has served for a number of years as legal counsel for an unspecified leading company in the natural product industry, according to the company website.

Jennifer serves as the creative engine behind the company's product line. The company develops and sells a line of chemical-free products for personal and home use. These products are sold via independent distributors through hosted in-home parties and the company's annual global revenue is currently unknown.

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The Good

  • High-Quality Products
  • Commissions
  • Charity

High-Quality Product

Moja Works offers an all-natural product line featuring chemical-free ingredients for home and personal use. The company offers a patent-pending cleaning product, Natural UV light sanitizing products, a skin care line, and whole-food based nutritional products.

The company also offers gift certificates available for purchase. The company offers a cleaning fabric that is constructed of millions of microscopic fiber strands that traps dirt and other substances without the need for cleaners. The cloths can be rinsed in warm water and is ready for reuse.

The product is guaranteed for 150+ washes. The company's nutritional supplements are non-synthetic and food-based products created by expert formulation scientists. The ingredients are subjected to rigorous purity and potency testing in order to ensure the highest level of efficacy. The company offers supplements for men, women, and children.

Moja Works features a proprietary cream formula in its skin care line that features two cutting-edge copper compounds and natural moisturizers designed to help a consumer's skin look and feel incredible.

The skin care line is purported to scientifically stimulate collagen production, assist in the development of new skin cells, and promote anti-aging effects.

These products contain all natural ingredients and contain no parabens, artificial fragrances, or artificial preservatives.

The company's facial cloth can be re-used hundreds of times to remove dirt and makeup and is a perfect choice for individuals with allergies or asthma.


Independent distributors are given two choices for joining the company with starter kits priced at $89 and $179, respectively. Both kits contain product catalogs, samples, and party invitation postcards.

Independent distributors also receive access to a personal trainer, and product training videos. Independent distributors receive a 35 percent commission on product sales on its multilevel compensation plan.


The company partners with Interweave Solutions to assist in relieving poverty around the globe. Portions of all sales are donated to the cause.

So far, the company has donated $350,000+ to assist self-reliance groups around the world. An interesting fact about the company is that Moja means "one" or "together" in Uganda. Uganda is one of the countries that the company supports with various projects.

The Bad

  • High Volume of Sales
  • Pending Changes
  • Refunds

High Volume of Sales

An independent distributor can expect revenues of $261 for selling $1,000 worth of products.

The expected payout for selling $10,000 worth of products is $3,411. These numbers seem low, but are considered the average payout for this type of industry.

These numbers may be fine for individuals with advance sales and marketing experience, but can seem unacceptable for individuals just starting out. It seems to require a high volume of sales in order to make a decent income.

Pending Changes

The company states in its blog that it is moving away from its direct sales model. It stated that the structure did not work for them for a couple of reasons.

One concern of Moja Works is a greater potential for miscommunication between the company and its customers as the global business continues to grow. The company also publicly acknowledged that direct selling sales incentives and marketing strategies may encourage fraud or set unrealistic expectations.

One of the shortcomings the company was particularly concerned with was the potential for market over-saturation, and its ability to compromise the longevity of the company.

Therefore, it is currently looking at ways to overcome these obstacles by moving away from the direct selling model. There is no current information available as of yet as to what direction the company will actually take. Moja Works will also be revamping its social media strategies.


The company only offers full refunds for products that are unopened and sent back within 30 days. The company will only pay the shipping costs of the return if the error was on their part, such as sending a defective or incorrect item.

Refunds take up to 4 weeks to receive. It takes the company 5-10 business days to receive the returned product and then 3-5 days to process the return. The remaining time depends on how fast an individual's bank takes to process the refund request.

The Bottom Line

Moja Works is a health and wellness network marketing company with a line of chemical-free products for personal and home use. Products are sold by independent distributors typically through in-home demonstration parties and catalogs. The cost to join is average for the industry, and compensation payouts are also average.

Distributors can expect to receive a 35 percent commission on product sales on its multilevel compensation plan. The company supports a number of self-reliance groups and projects globally to assist in relieving poverty. The company is currently moving away from its direct sales model and there is no current information available as to the exact direction the company will take.

Moja Works appears to be a reputable company, but individuals are strongly encouraged to research the opportunity for themselves before deciding to invest.

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