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J.R. Watkins

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J.R. Watkins

Distributors pocket the difference between wholesale and retail prices

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J.R. Watkins Overview

Founded in 1858 in Winona, Minnesota, J.R. Watkins is a natural home and personal care products company in the multi-level marketing industry. J.R. Watkins, whose mission is "to be the most trusted natural products company," develops remedies and organic flavorings. The company operates in multiple countries and generates between $50 and $100 million on global revenue each year.

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The Good

  • Guaranteed products
  • Low upfront costs
  • Online resources
  • Commissions and bonuses

Guaranteed Products

J.R. Watkins is one of the oldest home and personal care products companies in the industry. Its products are affordable and made from all-natural ingredients. Additionally, J.R. Watkins backs all of its products with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Low Upfront Costs

Individuals can get started as a J.R. Watkins consultant by purchasing a digital membership package for $19.95. If an individual would like a physical membership package mailed to them, the startup cost is $39.95, which is still much less than industry average. Membership package benefits last for one year and can be renewed for $39.95 annually.

Online Resources

Consultants have access to a number of online resources, including recipes to share at home parties, an online business training system, and additional programs.

Commissions and Bonuses

J.R. Watkins consultants sell products and earn the difference between wholesale and retail prices as commission. Consultants can also receive commissions for sponsoring new team members. In addition to commissions, independent consultants can earn up to 35 percent savings on product purchases, financial rewards, bonus incentives, and access to online ordering and reports systems.

The Bad

  • Retail distribution
  • Little advanced training

Retail Distribution

A major disadvantage for distributors is that J.R. Watkins products are also sold in retail stores. It can be incredibly difficult to compete with the convenience and price offered by large chain stores. If customers can get the same products for cheaper at a store, they are much less likely to purchase from a distributor.

Little Advanced Training

J.R. Watkins provides little information about the business training it offers to its distributors. It appears that the company does not provide training in advanced sales and marketing techniques, which are essential skills in the multi-level marketing industry. Statistically, individuals without experience in these areas fail within the first six months of starting a new venture. Those without a sales or marketing background may choose to pursue additional training on their own or consider other opportunities.

The Bottom Line

J.R. Watkins is a household and personal care product company with nearly 150 years of experience in the industry. The upfront cost to join the business opportunity is relatively low and distributors have the opportunity to earn several commissions and bonuses. Additionally, J.R. Watkins backs all of its products with a money back guarantee. However, the company provides little sales and marketing training and distributors must compete with retail distribution.


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Richard Moore
November 2nd, 2018 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I have been a Independent Watkins Manager for just over 6 , months, I think this company is very responsible for product development, packaging and even shipping. Very friendly staff to work with. Extremely quick to ship. No minimums, no monthly quotas, No pressure. You work your own business, I made a very responsible decision and I'm happy to sell the products. The only negative point I have they have very little marketing material for the consultants to use.

Tamara Laschinsky
April 23rd, 2018

Hi, I'm Tamara Laschinsky and the following review is my personal opinion: I've been a consultant for 11 years as of this post, I'm a National Team Manager and have consultants on my team from across Canada and the USA. Watkins has grown lots over the years and always stays current and fresh with product offerings. The products in stores can be seen as competition but I don't see it that way as stores only carry a few items. Plus, it's great advertising and often I get customers coming to me after they have seen Watkins in stores as they want other products or to sell the products, so for me, it's an advantage! There is lots of training contrary to what this article says. Perhaps whoever wrote it did so before the change. Now, Timeless Integrity is our main training site with lots of articles and information, tips and tools and free graphics to use. We have webinars and top leaders share ideas on how to get your business going. It all depends on your sponsor too, as some are more involved than others (like any business). Myself, I have a separate training group and give graphics and information to help others get started and meet their business goals. We have no quotas or auto-shipments, for $29.95 you get your own customer order website as well as a prospecting business website. Discounts depend on your volume and you get them on top of sales & clearance prices. Free shipping on orders $100 or more. It's a super flexible business and offers you the chance to earn money how you want, when you want and also earn a trip for 1 or 2 to various destinations. (past ones include Monte Carlo, St. Maarten, Mexico, Costa Rica and coming up 2019 - Dominican Republic). Celebrating it's 150th year in business Watkins has been around a long time and trusted by families for generations! They stand behind their products with satisfaction guarantee and take care of their consultants, never failing to pay out compensation. This is a company you can work with and know it's there for your retirement and not one to just shut it's doors one day and poof - there goes your investment! So if you want some stability and security with the freedom and flexibility to work with your schedule, look at the Watkins business. Questions? Look me up, I'm happy to answer them for you!

June 27th, 2017

Been a Watkins consultant for two years. Its fun and I love the products. They are always coming up with new stuff. It just keeps getting better and better. During the course of my two years as a consultant, I have never had anyone complain about the products. The products are of high quality and affordable. I love the coconut honey lotion especially, smells so nice and its all natural ingredients. If you go on the Watkins website a lot of the products got good reviews. Many of my customers have been using Watkins products since their childhood. Truly amazing company! I was reading the part about the products being sold in stores. They do sell in the stores, however I did notice they don't have the full line. The store I went to sold lavender hand cream and lotion, pomegranate hand cream and lotion, lavender body scrub, pomegranate body scrub, and lavender hand soap. They didn't have the aloe, lemon or coconut scent items, nor did they sell any of the gourmet and cleaning products that Watkins offers. So if you want full access to the line, you have to talk to a consultant.

T. Burton
May 12th, 2016 Peoria, IL

I have enjoyed great success with the Watkins corporate plan as a consultant. In my first year I earned many bonuses & awards including an all expense paid trip for 2. Tim Burton