Founded in 1995, FreeLife is a multi-level marketing company with the goal of helping improve their health and personal wealth. With more than $1 billion in total sales, FreeLife strives to become the worldwide leader in healthy weight loss. FreeLife's flagship product is the TAIslim Total Body System aimed at helping people shed pounds faster than other weight loss solutions in the market.

FreeLife rewards its company leaders with trips to destinations such as Hawaii, Italy, and Greece. Distributors who reach the company's top milestones will also have a chance to drive a luxury car paid for by FreeLife. FreeLife prides itself in growing through its extensive network of FreeLife marketing executives rather than traditional marketing methods like television ads and radio spots.

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The Good

  • Low signup fees
  • Science team
  • Testing procedures

Low Signup Fees

Signup fees are only $9.95 to become a FreeLife Marketing Executive and start building a team. This is very affordable, especially when comparing to other companies in the same industry.

Science Team

FreeLife is a part of the Direct Selling Association and Direct Selling Education Foundation as part of its efforts to operate ethically and transparently. The health and nutrition company also has a science team composed of researchers from around the world. The members of the FreeLife science team have advanced degrees and have been published in medical and scientific journals. Organizations have sought the advice of FreeLife's science team such as the:

  • National Institute on Aging
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Academy of Sciences

Testing Procedures

To add to the confidence of its distributors and consumers of its product line, FreeLife applies its testing procedures to all products. FreeLife tests its products with double-blind, placebo-control, randomized human clinical studies to ensure its products are effective.

The Bad

  • Low Glassdoor ratings
  • Lawsuits

Poor Glassdoor Ratings

FreeLife's Glassdoor ratings are not flattering. Here are the results gathered by Glassdoor:

  • 3.2 out of 5 stars satisfaction
  • 50 percent would recommend FreeLife to a friend
  • 46 percent approve of CEO Raymond Faltinsky

The direct sales company's employee satisfaction rating is lower than many other direct sales companies. The recommendation rating and CEO approval rating are low as well, comparatively. One employee review said FreeLife struggles with communication between departments and lacks a clear business plan. People who choose to pursue their health and financial goals with FreeLife may risk aligning themselves with a company heading downhill.


FreeLife is not foreign to lawsuits and people questioning the ethics of its business practices. In 2009, a class-action suit was filed against FreeLife for several claims including the following:

  • The flyer "Goji and cancer" falsely suggests that Goji helps manage and fight cancer
  • The flyer "Goji and depressive disorders" falsely suggests that Goji promotes cheerfulness, alleviates anxiety and stress, fights fatigue enhances libido and sexual function and improves sleep quality.

People who choose FreeLife risk dealing with the aftermath and skepticism that comes with lawsuits and accusations. They may not want to deal with a company tied to class-action lawsuits which may damage their professional and personal reputation.

The Bottom Line

Freelife's product line is simple and targeted at people who have one goal: lose weight. It also claims to prevent everything from cancer to depression which may be a stretch for people who want to be confident about a product they are backing. The direct sales company also struggles in keeping its employees satisfied and building company loyalty as shown by the Glassdoor reviews. Our recommendation: Choose another multi-level marketing company with higher Glassdoor ratings and reasonable promises of what its products can do for you.

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